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Sweet Baby Bath Tub Pink

Tk 600

Nion Jug 2.5 L Transparent

Tk 240

Store Container 3pcs Set Trans

Tk 160

Nirva Jug 1.5 Ltr Red

Tk 200

Freezer Box 30.5 cm

Tk 185

Wall Hanger 10 Hooks

Tk 95

Chopping Board 34 cm White

Tk 175

Spice Jar Transparent BB

Tk 75

Coat Hanger 42cm

Tk 50

Designed Bucket 25L Pink

Tk 270

Deluxe Bucket 30L

Tk 295

Red Designed Bucket With Lid 25L

Tk 320

Two Color Coffee Mug 350 ML- White & Red

Tk 55

Paris Mug Two Color Red

Tk 55

Moushumi Jug 2.2L- Trans

Tk 440

Nirva Jug 1.5 Ltr Red

Tk 200

Leaf Jug 2L

Tk 290

Dispo Sweet Box 25 Pcs Set 250 ML White

Tk 115

Maple Jug 2L Trans

Tk 565

Moushumi Jug 2.2L Trans

Tk 440

Monica Jug 2L

Tk 500

Juicy Jug 1.6L

Tk 200

Shine Jug 2L

Tk 595

Drum Bucket with Lid 40Ltr Blue

Tk 440

Drum Bucket with Lid 50Ltr Blue

Tk 560

Drum Bucket with Lid 70Ltr Blue

Tk 820

Drum Bucket with Lid 80Ltr Blue

Tk 870

Drum Bucket with Lid 90Ltr Blue

Tk 980

Printed Multi Purpose Container 5Ltr

Tk 110

Printed Multi Purpose Container 10Ltr

Tk 170

Square Bucket with Lid 10Ltr - Red

Tk 160

Square Bucket with Lid 12Ltr Red

Tk 190

Square Bucket with Lid 15Ltr Red

Tk 220

Square Bucket with Lid 20Ltr Red

Tk 265

Square Bucket with Lid 35Ltr Red

Tk 485

Wave Bucket 3Ltr Red

Tk 60

Blue Designed Bowl 28Ltr

Tk 325

Blue Designed Bowl 10Ltr

Tk 125

Blue Designed Bowl 8Ltr

Tk 105

Blue Designed Bowl 5Ltr

Tk 80

Blue Designed Bowl 3Ltr

Tk 55

Red Super Bowl - 20Ltr

Tk 210

Red Super Bowl 18Ltr

Tk 200

Red Super Bowl 15Ltr

Tk 165

Red Super Bowl 10Ltr

Tk 125

Red Super Bowl 8Ltr

Tk 110

Red Super Bowl 5Ltr

Tk 80

Red Super Bowl 3Ltr

Tk 60