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Kazi & Kazi Green tea 60gm

Tk 160

PRAN Frutix Mango 250 ml

Tk 25

PRAN Orange Plus 500gm

Tk 290

PRAN Orange Plus 200gm

Tk 85

Mountain Dew 400ml

Tk 30

Power 250ml

Tk 25

Real Fruit Power Cranberry Juice 1 Litre

Tk 375

Real Fruit Power Orange Juice 1 Ltr

Tk 375

Real Fruit Power Litchi Juice 1 Ltr

Tk 375

Real Fruit Power Apple Juice 1 Ltr

Tk 375

Real Fruit Power Mixed Fruit Juice 1 Ltr

Tk 375

CocaCola Diet Can 250ml

Tk 46

Pepsi 500ml

Tk 30

Pepsi 400ml

Tk 25

Chocolate Horlicks Jar 550 gm

Tk 420

Tang Plastic Jar Orange 2.5 kg

Tk 1500

Tang Plastic Jar Orange 1.5 kg

Tk 1000

Tang Orange - 250 gm

Tk 170

Tang Mango - 500 gm

Tk 320

Tang Jar Orange Flavour 750 g

Tk 550

Tang Orange Instant Drink Powder 125Gm

Tk 100

Maxx Cola 250 ml

Tk 384

BD Top C Orange Juice 7 gm

Tk 6

Tang Orange 125 gm

Tk 100

BD Orange Drink 160 ml

Tk 13

Fisty Infant Orange Drink 250 gm

Tk 100

Tang Orange Instant Drink Powder 250Gm

Tk 170

Tropicana Orange Juice 350 ml

Tk 40

Pran Mango Juice Pack 200 ml

Tk 14

Pran Frooto Fruit Drink 500 ml

Tk 45

Pran Drinko Litchi Juice 250 ml

Tk 30

Beverage Mineral Water, Soft drinks, Juice, Tea and Coffee, Energy Boosters all these are commonly known as Beverage. Different people love different beverage, but everyone likes this mostly. Men, women, and children always like to drink juice and soft drinks. Whenever we feel thirsty, mineral water comes in our mind. We cannot think of our breakfast or evening snacks without tea and coffee. A sports man and a gymnastic always seek for energy boosters.

Soft drinks are popular in Bangladesh. People just search for a reason to drink soft drinks. Whenever they feel hot, they buy cold soft drinks. Those people who are health conscious prefer juice to soft drinks. Various fruit juice is available in Bangladesh. Tea and coffee are favorite to everybody. Everybody love to have a cup of tea or coffee in given situation like breakfast, afternoon or evening snacks, tea party, seminars, etc. Whenever we go on a journey, or we need to drink water outside the home, we feel the necessity of mineral water.

Beverage from Othoba.com

As a online beverage store, Othoba.com sells a huge range of beverage items. They have all high demanded branded drinks. Few well-known beverages are PRAN Junior Fruit Drink, Frooto, PRAN Lassi, PRAN Mineral Water, PRAN Up, Boost, Brooke Bond Taaza tea, Complan, Horlicks, Kazi & Kazi Black Tea, Kopiko Brown Coffee, Maltova, Mirzapore Best Leaf, Mum drinking water, Nescafe Matinal Coffee, Sprite, Speed, Sundrop, etc. These beverages are also available in local shops but many beverages may not be found in many stores, you may have to search one shop to another. This is problematic; if you want to avoid this kind of problem, then you can buy beverages from an online shop like Othoba.com.

It has the fastest delivery reputation, so you do not have to wait longer after the placement of your order. You may buy drinks online from Othoba.com's listed brands like PRAN, Abul Khair & Company, Green Food Products, etc. from the seller like Daily Shopping at a reasonable price.

Beverages can add to your pleasure; juice can help stay healthy, tea and coffee can refresh you and your mood anytime, mineral drinking water can save you from dehydration and finally buying these beverages from Othoba.com can save your valuable time and money.