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Norwagien Salmon Fillet ±1kg

Tk 2850

Norwagien Salmon Whole ±1kg (±4pcs)

Tk 2050

Indian Salmon Whole Lakkha ±1kg (±8pcs)

Tk 1550

Indian Salmon Whole Lakkha ±1kg (±6pcs) BC0009

Tk 1250

Indian Salmon Whole Lakkha ±1kg (±3pcs) BC0008

Tk 1000

Golda Prawn (গলদা চিংড়ি) Per Kg

Tk 800

Golda Prawn (গলদা চিংড়ি) Per Kg

Tk 1000

Golda Prawn (গলদা চিংড়ি) Per Kg

Tk 1200

Black Pomfret (রূপচাঁদা) Per Kg

Tk 800

Silver Pomfret (রূপচাঁদা ) Per Kg

Tk 950

Silver Pomfret (রূপচাঁদা ) Per Kg

Tk 1080

Silver Pomfret (রূপচাঁদা ) Per Kg

Tk 1200

Rupchada (রূপচাঁদা ) Fish

Tk 940

কোরাল মাছ ±২০০০ গ্রাম (১.২৯ টাকা প্রতি গ্রাম)

Tk 1.29

ভেটকী মাছ ±১০০০ গ্রাম (০.৯৯ টাকা প্রতি গ্রাম)

Tk 0.99

ভেটকী মাছ ±৫০০ গ্রাম (০.৭৯ টাকা প্রতি গ্রাম)

Tk 0.79

ভোলা মাছ (০.৬৮ টাকা প্রতি গ্রাম)

Tk 0.68

ট্যংরা মাছ (০.৮২ টাকা প্রতি গ্রাম)

Tk 0.82

ভাঙ্গন মাছ (১.১৯ টাকা প্রতি গ্রাম)

Tk 1.19

ধাইতনা মাছ (০.৮৮ টাকা প্রতি গ্রাম)

Tk 0.88

ফাইশা মাছ (০.৮৮ টাকা প্রতি গ্রাম)

Tk 0.88

জাভা মাছ (০.৯৯ টাকা প্রতি গ্রাম)

Tk 0.99

Telapia Fish (তেলাপিয়া মাছ) Medium 1kg

Tk 140

Pabda Fish (পাবদা মাছ) 1kg

Tk 485

Olive Barb Fish (সরপুঁটি) 1kg

Tk 175

Pangasius Fish (পাঙ্গাশ) 1-1.5kg Per Piece

Tk 198

Telapia Fish (তেলাপিয়া) Large 1kg

Tk 145

Golda Prawn (গলদা চিংড়ি)

Tk 675

Rui Fish (রুই) 1kg-1.5kg per pc

Tk 318

Rui Fish (রুই) 1.5kg-2kg

Tk 495

Catla Fish (কাতলা) 1kg-1.5kg

Tk 282

Catla Fish (কাতলা) 5kg+

Tk 2640

Hilsha Fish (ইলিশ) 400gm Plus

Tk 210


Fish is a very potent source of proteins. Protein is essential elements and number two in the position of ideal foods. Fish are an excellent source of omega fatty acid which helps to keep away from heart block, high pressure, and diabetes. Fish can be quickly cooked and digestible than meat. It is also abundant in number, and the cost is meagre because Bangladesh is a reverie country and in these rivers, many fishes live. Fishers usually catch these fishes for their livelihood and themselves; we get plenty of fish.

Fish can be cooked in many ways. You can make them deep fry or shallow fry. You can make "Dopiyaja" which is very popular in our country. First, you need to marinate the fish with salt, turmeric, chili, the paste of garlic and ginger. Then fry it and make the gravy with lots of onions and spices. You can make heavy or light curries of fish. Fish can be cooked with seasonal vegetables also such as- potato, tomato, green peas and coriander, cauliflowers, bottle gourds, sweet gourds, snake gourds, handfuls, bitter gourds, etc. You can make crispy fries with them. You can use the head of the fish to make "Murighonto" with lentils.

Fish are given to children and aged people by detaching the bones from the flesh. Children don't usually want to eat fish. To make them eat fish, you can cook them in different ways like- Fish chops, Fish fingers, Fish Cutlet, Fish Manchurian, Fish Fry, the contrast of fish, etc. In this way, you will be able to make them eat fish willingly and ensure necessary nutrition of fish for them.

In the fish markets of our country, you will find different deshi fishes. Among them are Hilsha, Rui, Catla, Pangasius, Magur, Shing, Koi, Tilapia, Pabda, Tangra, Barb, Olive Barb, etc. Hilsha fish is the most popular and delicious among them. It is the national fish of our country. It is found mainly in river Padma during monsoon. The fry of its eggs is very yummy and enriched with nutrition. But all are not accustomed to the smelly environment and unexpected situation of the fish market. So they avoid going to buy fish in those places.

I think it’s quite a tiresome task to get fish in the bazaar, so I recommend buying fish online at home with the fastest delivery.You can buy from mega or super shops of your nearby malls too. They are available in your locality. But the fish can be frozen for many days with ice and formalin. These make the food quality low, and nutrition is destroyed as they are already rotten. Online shop, Othoba.com is offering fresh fish and without formalin. So try Othoba.com to eat clean and healthy fish.