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Hair Oil

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Under Tk 1000

Argan Oil Hair Treatment 50ml

Tk 300

Argan Oil Hair Treatment 100ml

Tk 468

Himani Navratna Oil With 9 Natural Ayurvedic Herbs 200ml

Tk 456

Himani Navratna Oil With 9 Natural Ayurvedic Herbs 100ml

Tk 216

Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil for Hair Fall Control 200ml

Tk 420

Vaseline Hair Tonic & Scalp Conditioner Hair Oil 100ml

Tk 204

Vaseline Hair Tonic & Scalp Conditioner Hair Oil 200ml

Tk 300

Keo Karpin Non Sticky Hair Oil 100ml

Tk 216

Keo Karpin Non Sticky Hair Oil 200ml

Tk 300

Dabur Amla Hair Oil 200ml

Tk 360

Coconut Oil 200ml

Tk 160

Emami 7 Oils in One 300ml

Tk 275

Emami 7 Oils in One 200ml

Tk 210

Emami 7 Oils in One 100ml

Tk 110

Tea Tree Oil-30 ml PAL000397

Tk 600 Tk 399

Tea Tree Oil-10 ml PAL000396

Tk 270

Argan Oil Hair Treatment 50ml PAL000399

Tk 300 Tk 230

Bells Almond Oil 200ml POL-BELLS-OIL-ALD-200ML

Tk 295

Bells Almond Oil 70ml POL-BELLS-OIL-ALD-70ML

Tk 150

Bells Castor Oil 70ml POL-BELLS-OIL-CAS-70ML

Tk 150

Dulhan Herbal Kesh Kala Hair Color 100 ml

Tk 230

Oliva Andalus Hair Mask 300ml POL-OLV-AND-HAIR-MASK-002

Tk 300

Coconut Oil Extra Pure 200ml

Tk 140

Gum Hair Salon Experitise Treatment Oil With Moroccan Argan Oil 300ml

Tk 550

Livana Cocunut Oil 90 ml 34484

Tk 55

Livana Cocunut Oil 200 ml 47556

Tk 118

Parachute Advanced Enriched Hair Oil 300ml

Tk 240

Marico Nihar Amla Hair oil 200ml

Tk 140

PRAN Livana Coconut Oil 90ml

Tk 60

Parachute Coconut Oil 100ml

Tk 65

Parachute Coconut Oil 500ml

Tk 280

Parachute Coconut Oil 400ml

Tk 380

Parachute Coconut Oil 200ml

Tk 120

Nivea Honey & Oil Soap 100gm

Tk 101

Jui Pure Coconut Oil Tin 400ml

Tk 190

Rafael Salgado Olive Oil Pomace (Glass Bottle) 500ml RS-OLI-OIL-P-GB-500

Tk 520

Rafael Salgado Olive Oil Pomace (Glass Bottle) 250ml RS-OLI-OIL-P-GB-250

Tk 325

Navaratna Oil PET 100ml

Tk 110

Navaratna Oil PET 200ml

Tk 205

Navaratna Oil PET 300ml

Tk 275

Livon Hair Gain Tonic 150ml

Tk 800 Tk 700

Hair & Care Non-Sticky Fruit Hair Oil 200ml

Tk 150 Tk 125

Jui Hair Care Oil 100 ml

Tk 85

Jui Hair Care Oil 200 ml

Tk 155

Dabur Amla Hair Oil 275ml

Tk 299

Parachute Aloe Vera Hair Oil & Petroleum Jelly Combo Offer

Tk 245 Tk 215

Parachute Advansed Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil 250ml

Tk 195

Parachute Advansed Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil 150ml

Tk 120

Hair Oil

Hair oil is a hair care product for our hair. It is mainly used by females of all the ages. It helps to reduce hair fall, brings back moisture and nutrition in our hair. Hair oil massage helps to grow more hair and makes hair soft, silky, smooth and shiny. It modifies the nature of our hair scalp. If you want healthy and long hair, you must apply hair oil three times a week before shampooing your hair.

By applying hair oil on your scalp and hair, you can keep away dandruff, breakage of hair, lice, and roughness. Some oil is beneficial for your hair growth like olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil and castor oil. Some oils can reduce your hair fall to an extent if you use it regularly with other specific herbals. Some oils are specially manufactured to give your hair a beautiful, black, shiny glaze. Some oils work to make the root of your hair strong therefore giving you a healthy, long and healthy hair. Hair oils merely work for the growth of your hair and to make the soft evading the dry and roughness. Apply hair oil three times a week by warming it a little bit and the next morning shampoo your hair. You will have stunning glazy hair with volume.

You are troubled with dandruff, don't worry. Mix some lemon with your olive oil or coconut oil, and after warming, it applies to your scalp and hair. Then shampoo it after 2 hours. If you can maintain this weekly throughout the month, you will get dandruff free hair in a month. Your hair is becoming rough, and many more hairs are falling, tension not. Use the combination of olive, sesame, castor, almond and coconut oil with dried amla and fenugreek seeds. You will see the difference after some days. Applying hair oil on the scalp helps the blood circulation in your scalp.

But the question is from where will you get the top quality oil?

You can find any oil in the local market as the selling wholesale. But the quality is not guaranteed. You can buy from different cosmetics stores, supermarket shops, mega shops which provided branded hair oils. You can buy from our Othoba.com, one of the largest online shopping sites in Bangladesh, where they are offering you the various branded hair oil of top quality. Othoba.com has all the famous and renowned brands of hair oil. Try this largest and trusted ecommerce website to get healthy hair.