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Hand Care

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Hand Care

Women usually take care of their faces most. Then secondary importance is given to their necks. But hands, as a part of women body, are also equally important. It is a matter of regret that often we spend so much time caring for our face and hair that we do not do much care about them. It is shown in previous scannings and a medical examination that the color of the hands and faces of females do not change much in their brightness and tone. The main reason for this is the laziness or the careless behavior towards our hands. They should be given the same priority as face and hair.

You can take care of the hands in many ways. You should wash your hands regularly with cleansing soap or cream and then wash it off with cold water. Take a shower every day with mild soaps or shower gels to wash them. You can do some natural treatments also. If your hands got too much sunburn and became tanned, then do the natural and herbal treatment. You can make a mixture of honey, lemon juice and banana together and apply it on the skin of your hands. Keep it for twenty minutes and clean them with cold water. This mask will remove the dirt from your skin, and the tone will be brightened.

This will also give you a soft, smooth and glowing skin. Nails are also the part of our hands. Cut your nails whenever it is significant than usual. Otherwise, there will be germs on the gaps, and you will be sick when you eat them while having foods. To do pedicure, take some boiled water mixed with cold water. Add liquid baby shampoo or mild soap and lemon juice. Sink your fingers for 10 minutes.

Now gently brush your nails to remove the dry corners and cells. Wash them with cold water. You will get stunning fingers and nails. Wash your hands with hand wash after using a washroom. Also before eating and after this process requires. You can decorate hands with Mehndi designs, the nails can be painted with nail polish, and you can have stylish nail arts also.

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