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Lifebuoy Care Handwash Liquid 180ml Pouch

Tk 55

Farmasi Hand Wash Rose Therapy 300ml Far-Hwash-Sl-01

Tk 250

Kirei Kirei Hand Cleaner 50gm

Tk 148

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer 50ML

Tk 135 Tk 120

Lifebuoy Care Handwash Liquid 200ml Pump

Tk 90

Lifebuoy Total Handwash Liquid 200ml Pump

Tk 90

Sepnil Extra Mild Handwash Marigold 200ml

Tk 90

Dettol Anticeptic Liquid 100ml

Tk 45

Dettol Antiseptic Liquid 5 Liter

Tk 1220

Dettol Antiseptic Liquid 50ml

Tk 33

Dettol Antiseptic Liquid 750 ml

Tk 208

Sepnil Extra Mild Handwash -Marigold 200ml 867755

Tk 90

Sepnil Extra Mild Handwash -Marigold 180ml

Tk 55

Sepnil Extra Mild Handwash Tea Oil 200ml

Tk 90

Hand wash jar -imp

Tk 125

Lifebuoy Total Handwash Liquid 180ml Pouch

Tk 55

Our hand is an organ of our body which is used to do most of our works. We do hundreds of works daily using our hand including eating, doing household chores, office work, business work, etc. While doing these tasks we need to touch many things including those which contain bacteria and other viruses. If we eat anything with a bacteria contaminated hand, we will get sick for sure. Again there are some other works, and after doing those, washing hands is a must as like after using a toilet. But a beauty soap or laundry soap cannot clean our hands properly. It may look clean and spread lovely smell from our hands, but we cannot be 100% bacteria free. That is why we need hand wash especially to wash our hands.

To wash our hands, we have many branded hand wash now. These are specially made to wash our hands and make it germ-free. To keep ourselves out of sickness, washing hand is a must, and to wash hands, hand wash is a must.

What hand wash is to buy and how to buy

Various types of hand wash are now available in the markets. They come with different smelling flavor, different packages, different rates and different sizes but most of them work equally good. You may choose from many brands like Clariss, Dettol, Farmasi, Lifebuoy, etc. Price is not so high than some foreign ones. You will find most of the hand washes in any departmental store but to buy some imported hand wash, you have to search in super shops or big departmental stores. You can also search for hand washes on They have presented a vast collection of hand wash in their website. If you want a reasonable price with the assured quality of products, then you should buy your products from a trusted shop. Thousands of people have put their trust on, online bazar in Bangladesh.

If you care about your health and the health of your near ones, then wash your hands before eating and whenever it is necessary, ask your near ones too. It will keep you guys safe and sound. Washing hands with beauty soap are considered foolishness nowadays because when you have hand wash then why beauty soap? If you still have the habit of using beauty soap for hand washing, give it up right now and start using hand wash.