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Rice Cooker

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Vision Rice Cooker Standard 1.8 Ltr Pink

Tk 2050

Vision Rice Cooker Standard 1.8 Ltr Navy Blue

Tk 2050

Vision Rice Cooker 1.8 Ltr VSNRC 40-07 1.8 Ltr

Tk 2160

Vision Open Type Rice Cooker 2.2 Ltr

Tk 2450

Vision Open Type Rice Cooker 1.8 Ltr

Tk 1980

Vigo Rice Cooker 1.8Ltr Open Type 40-05

Tk 1950

Vigo Rice Cooker 1.8 Ltr Color SS

Tk 2160

Vigo Rice Cooker 1.8Ltr Open Type 40-05

Tk 1950

Nushi NS5015 Rice Cooker 1.8 Litre White

Tk 2400 Tk 1900

ViGO Rice Cooker 3 L SS 50-05 Red Two Pot

Tk 2990

ViGO Rice Cooker 1.8 L Standard Red

Tk 2050

ViGO Rice Cooker 2.8 L 60-04

Tk 2720

ViGO Rice Cooker 2.2Ltr Open Type 50-04

Tk 2450

Vision Rice cooker VSNRC-40-08 Silver 3L SS

Tk 2830

Vision Rice Cooker 1.8 CL-02 Smooth

Tk 1900

VISION Rice Cooker 1.8 L Elegant (Red) Two Pot VE

Tk 2900

Vision Rice Cooker 1.8 L Elegant (Blue) Two Pot VE

Tk 2900

5 In 1 National Rice Cooker 2.8 Liter

Tk 1999

Jadroo Rice Cooker 2.8L

Tk 2500

Jadroo Rice Cooker- 1.8L

Tk 2000

A Rice cooker is one of the latest inventions that have brought about a revolution. Rice cooking was never comfortable until the invention of a rice cooker. Now anyone can cook rice with the help of a rice cooker. The invention of rice cooker has made rice cooking a fun plaything. Now Mothers do not complain about gas or oil problem because they have got a rice cooker to cook rice. Various types of rice cookers are available now in Bangladesh but buying those from the common market is tough because the local shop owner does not keep all kinds of the rice cooker in their shop. As a result, you may not get the exact rice cooker model that you are searching for.

Buying a single rice cooker, searching a whole market can be toilsome. Why would you take that pain when you have Othoba.com in your country? Thinking about their customers benefit Othoba.com has added all types of the rice cooker in their rice cooker section. You can check the website and know by yourself what they have for you!

A rice cooker can help you to cook rice and eat anytime. A rice cooker saves your valuable time while you do not have to spend much time for cooking rice. Cook rice daily by rice cooker and see how easy your life becomes. Buy electric rice cookers by brands like Hitachi, Miyako, Novena, Panasonic, Philips, RFL, Shimizu, Vigo, Vision and much more at Othoba.com. This electric rice cooker price is selling at a reasonable price, you can easily purchase and make your life easier than ever.

Buying a rice cooker from othoba.com

Being the best e-commerce website in Bangladesh, Othoba.com sells high-quality rice cooker. Most of them are imported rice cooker. The price is very reasonable. If you buy a rice cooker from a local shop, then you have to do bargaining, and sometimes you may not win in this kind of negotiation. You can avoid this kind of problems if you buy your rice cooker from Othoba.com. If you go to a local market, then you may get confused which rice cooker to buy and sometimes you may not find your chosen rice cooker. But by browsing Othoba.com only for a few minutes, you may understand all about the purchase of a rice cooker.

You can choose from a wide range of rice cooker collection. After selecting a rice cooker, place an order, then we will carry your desired rice cooker at your home. Othoba.com’s delivery is the fastest in Bangladesh.