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Blaze LED Lantern

Tk 750

Combo Pack Mosquito Lamp with Water Heater 500w By Hi-Tech BD

Tk 500 Tk 300

Mosquito Killing Lamp HTB00001

Tk 300 Tk 140

Multifunction Torch Light

Tk 550

Tirgle Protable Lighting Purple

Tk 270

Tirgle Protable Lighting Orange

Tk 270

Tirgle Protable Lighting Green

Tk 270

Tirgle Protable Lighting Blue

Tk 270

Work Light Flashlight Multi Functional Usb Rechargeable Led Torch

Tk 1180

Power Style LED Torch Light

Tk 1060

Camping Light

Tk 450 Tk 270

A torch is an essential electric device. The people of Bangladesh mostly use it. Batteries run it. These batteries can be rechargeable and also one time usable. The price of a torch is not so high as you think. The torch is a highly useful thing. Whenever we go outside at night and if there is no electricity, we need a light. There are many places in our country where there is no electricity facility; the people living in those areas can use a torch for lighting.

There are many benefits of using a torch. It is not very much expensive. It is available in almost all over the country. It takes a few minutes to charge it properly. After loading it correctly, it can be used for several hours. The light of a torch is bright. You can see anything around you at night by using a torch. A torchlight is very long lasting; it does not fuse if you even use it roughly. The fishermen in our country use lights most because they catch fish at night. There are many types of a torch. Some of those are big and some other small.

A big torch consists a bigger battery. It also uses big bulb so it gives the brightest light and we can see far away things using it. A small torch is easy to carry, and some small torches are more powerful than they seem. Some torches use non-removable barriers and some other removable batteries.

How to buy a good torch in Bangladesh

There are many ways to buy a good torch. You should check the body of the torch. Check it the body of is strong then it will not break easily. Then you also should check the bulbs, lighting, battery type, charger etc. There are many trusted online sellers like Source Point in Othoba.com; they sell original torches. You can find all the latest models of torches. Most of the torches are imported and best quality. Rechargeable Flashlight, 8 in 1 Multi-tool with Torch, Multi-function Torch Light etc. are available at here.

Torches can make bright your dark road at night. Always keep it with you wherever you go at night. You may avoid any unwanted accidents. It may show you a path into the darkness. You can buy torch online from your friendly ecommerce website Othoba.com.