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Baby Sweets 1Kg

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Rush kodom 1Kg

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Balushai 1Kg

Tk 320 Tk 288
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Kacha Sondesh 1Kg

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Porabari Chamcham 1Kg

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Dry Roshgolla 1kg

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Sesame Oil (তিলের তেল) 95 gm

Tk 100

Hilsha (ইলিশ) 2.5 kg Per Pc

Tk 9875

Hilsha (ইলিশ) 2kg Per Pc

Tk 6500

Gowala Mustard Oil 500 ml

Tk 130

Gowala Premium Ghee 1kg

Tk 1600

Gowala Premium Ghee 500g

Tk 800

Gowala Premium Ghee 100g

Tk 160

Gowala Premium Ghee 250g

Tk 400

Gowala Pyara Sondesh 500g

Tk 300

Gowala Khirsha 1pc 750 GM

Tk 550

Gowala Premium Doi Cup 6pcs

Tk 230

Gowala Premium Doi Sora 750 Gm

Tk 310

Hilsha Fish (ইলিশ) 1KG Plus

Tk 940

Hilsha Fish (ইলিশ) 500gm Plus

Tk 330

Malai Nut 1 Cup

Tk 50

Mithai Mawa Laddu 1Kg

Tk 425

Special Chamcham 1Kg

Tk 475

Pata Chamcham 1Kg

Tk 390

Malaikari 1Kg

Tk 450

Kheer Toast 1Kg

Tk 390

Dry Lalmohone 1Kg

Tk 350

Dry Kalojam 1Kg

Tk 350

Hilsha (ইলিশ) 1kg Per Pc

Tk 1500

Hilsha (ইলিশ) 900g Per Pc

Tk 1750

Hilsha Fish (ইলিশ) 900gm Plus

Tk 1030

Hilsha Fish (ইলিশ) 1200gm Plus

Tk 1899

Hilsha Fish (ইলিশ) 800gm Plus

Tk 899

Hilsha Fish (ইলিশ) 700gm Plus

Tk 640

Hilsha Fish (ইলিশ) 600gm Plus

Tk 490

Hilsha Fish (ইলিশ) 300gm Plus

Tk 300

Hilsha Fish (ইলিশ) 400gm Plus

Tk 280

Traditional Food

People say our Bangladesh is a land of festivals. We are often remarking that in twelve months of the year we celebrate thirteen occasions. It is very true. Among all these occasions the most celebrated all over our country is the traditional "Pohela Boishakh". This is a universal festival of Bengalis.

Pohela Boishakh is celebrated with great pomp and arrangements. People wear traditional outfits with Boishakhi design and colour. Children also have Boishakhi touch in their dresses. Men wear Panjabi, dhuti, pyjamas, traditional lungis. Women wear traditional sarees. They prominent colour of this celebration is white and red along with men. People enjoy concerts, musical shows in the dawn at Ramana Batamul. There are fairs held for this purpose. But an occasion is incomplete without its remarkable signature food items. The most popular tradition of the celebration is "Panta-Ilish" with different types of Vortas. But there are other dishes also which fulfils the platter. That most wanted item is sweetmeats of Pohela Boishakh. Shopkeepers arrange a special programme called "Halkhata" for the customers. In here, customers are welcomed with different sweets. Not only this, people buy sweets to welcome their guests in this Bangla New Year.

The most common sweetmeats are - Balushai, different types of Chamcham like dry Chamcham, Porabari Chamcham, Pata Chamcham, special Chamcham, Golapjamun, Lalmohon, sponge Roshgolla, dry Roshgolla, Rosh Kodom, Rosh malai, Malaikari, Kacha Golla, Sandesh, mithai barfi, Kaju Barfi, kheer toast, Kalojam, baby sweets, Mawa laddoo, Moticur laddoo, Malaikari nut, curd, kheer, Fiirni, etc. Either you can make them at home, or you can buy them from sweetmeat shops. But it is obvious that both the host and guests won't feel festive without these traditional sweetmeats.

Don't worry thinking how will you manage. Very easily you can buy them from your local shops. Again the question arises will those be good enough to present them to your guests? Will you get the actual amount? Will they be soft enough and juicy with sugar syrup to melt in your mouth? Maybe not. Because maximum time the shop sweets contain only flour, no chana or Mawa. Then you will be cheated.To avoid this cheating what can you do? You can buy them online from Othoba.com. Othoba.com is presenting you all these at a reasonable rate. We ensure the net weight and quality of our products. From here, you can buy and purchase them sitting at home. This system is far better than going to the shops and waiting for a long time in the crowd.