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Shine Electric Geyser Tulip 45l

Tk 8470 Tk 7623
0.00% EMI Starts at Tk 635.25 / month
10% Off

Shine Electric Geyser Glamour 35L/hr

Tk 11180 Tk 10062
0.00% EMI Starts at Tk 838.50 / month
10% Off

Shine Electric Geyser Glamour 45L/hr

Tk 12350 Tk 11115
0.00% EMI Starts at Tk 926.25 / month
10% Off

Shine Electric Geyser Glossy 67 L/hr

Tk 8250 Tk 7425
0.00% EMI Starts at Tk 618.75 / month
10% Off

Electric Geyser 10GSC

Tk 8000 Tk 7200
0.00% EMI Starts at Tk 600 / month
10% Off

Electric Geyser 75 Liter (approx)

Tk 9180 Tk 8262
0.00% EMI Starts at Tk 688.50 / month

Water Heater

A water heater is a handy thing in our daily household. People need a water heater whenever they need hot water. It is the most used thing during winter. Though the temperature is rising throughout the whole world, the weather has become most unpredictable nowadays. People cannot depend on nature for their comfort. So they have to depend on the various scientific inventions. During summer people depend on a refrigerator for cold water, but during winter they need hot water for their comfort. This is the reason for the invention of a water heater.

A water heater is the most reliable way to heat water for drinking or washing. Various kinds of water heater are available now in the markets of BD. They are of various brands and come with different models and designs and to mention their power.

Othoba.com, an abode of water heater

In high rise concrete urban areas keeping heat becomes an impossible thing, for this problem electricity has infrequent handiness. Consumers turn to the markets for products, to keep away cold water. During winter chills, there are some options available in the market out of which water heater is a viable and cost-effective option. In a water heater, a built-in miniature device is installed behind the heating elements. There are certain things that we should think about before buying a water heater.

Water heaters are expected to be quite powerful and durable for their long life operations. They should be heavy and strong. Also, the appliance ought to have the adequate mechanical strength and be therefore created on face up to such rough handling as could also be expected in traditional use. All the brands that are available to pass this test thus getting a full score. All of them are high-quality. The appliance is also resistant to rust. So if you want to buy a water heater then go to online electronics store in Bangladesh Othoba.com and choose your desired one among its huge collection of water heaters. Heat some water and have a nice cup of tea.

Most places of BD experience extreme climates during summers and winters. Summers are extremely hot, and winters are extremely cold. So it is important to have hot water during winter, and a water heater can be the most convenient thing to buy for heating water, but it is more suited to buy a water heater from Othoba.com because it is the largest and most reliable online shop in BD.