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Chopping Board

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Salad Cutting Chopping Board 34cm White

Tk 300

Royal Chopping Board 24cm Assorted White

Tk 70

Royal Chopping Board 34cm Assorted Orange

Tk 175

Popular Chopping Board 25 cm White

Tk 90

Popular Chopping Board 34cm Lime green

Tk 175

Hefty Chopping Board White

Tk 110

Chopping Board White 25 cm

Tk 90

Chopping Board 34 cm White

Tk 175

Chopping Board Popular White 25cm

Tk 90

Popular Chopping Board 34cm White

Tk 175

Wooden Cutting Board

Tk 1800

Chopping Board

Cutting the daily vegetables is tough work. Our mothers take a lot of pain to cut vegetables for daily cooking. Modern mothers use a knife to cut vegetables. To cut vegetables by knife, we need chopping board. It is a board on which vegetables are kept and cut. It is heavy, so nothing happens to it when we cut anything keeping on it. It is a level thing so keeping it on a table we can cut any vegetables of fruits. Before the invention of this, we had to face many problems when we used a knife to cut things. After its invention, things have become easier.

Most of the chopping boards are made with plastics, but some wooden boards are also available. People of Bangladesh prefer plastic one because they are cheap, comes in various model and size, easy to keep and clean, etc. It comes in a large number of colors. It has a holder so that you can keep it hanging anywhere. As it is a board, it does not become dirty soon. A simple wipe or cleaner can clean it quickly.

Buying chopping board Online

Chopping boards can be bought from any local plastic shop. This is a prevalent item is the kitchen appliance shops. All you have to do is search the most suitable one for your use. Then you should check the holding and use system. Chopping boards by BEST BUY, DPL, RFL Plastics are excellent. These are available in the local markets too. If you do not have enough time to go on the market due to your busy schedule, then this is the best place for you. As you see, we have all branded chopping boards here. You can check them individually and see their description too. You can search by seller and price filter too. Sellers often offer many discounts. If you want to buy one just click the "buy" button and place an order, we will send your chosen board in your home in no time.

Othoba.com, the best online shop in Bangladesh has a huge number of satisfied customers. They are satisfied with our products and service. Our purpose is to make your life simple and easier. Chopping board has become an essential thing in our kitchen so whenever you need to buy it visit here and buy it without any trouble of going to market and without wasting your valuable time.