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Family Planning

Family planning means trying birth control by certain means like condom, pregnancy kit, etc. A family is a beautiful gift that we are blessed with, in our long journey of life. A family consists of a husband, wife and their kids. A male and female get married to each other, and they form a family. Through the consummation of their love for each other babies come to this world. Every woman wants to a mother of children.

Pregnancy and childbirth is a blessing from the Almighty. But you should have a proper planning for your family and the upcoming future. Bangladesh is an overpopulated country, and recently the incident which was warned of long ago has occurred. It is the "population blast." So our government started a campaign for a good family planning with two children from the last fifteen years. The slogan is "Whether it is a boy or girl, two children is enough." If possible, they are encouraging for only one child.

Naturally, as a woman, you want to be a mother typically. It is the most beautiful time of a female's life. But sometimes you have another plan in your mind. Suppose you are recently married and do not want to have children before five years due to your career set up. But accidentally you got pregnant. The first sign of pregnancy is that your period will not happen regularly per month. You will feel tired and sleepy. You will feel dizzy and often feel like vomiting. As an example, your period due date passed two weeks ago, but you are not getting it. You will think of being pregnant but how to check it, be sure?

There is different option to indicate you are pregnant or not. Pregnancy kits have a special system to mark you pregnant. There are two signals marked as positive (+) or negative. Some other strips have a different function. To check the news, you do urinate after waking up in the morning. Take the sample in a glass or cup type item. Now put the strip into the urine. The line of indication should be the level of the liquid. If the filter turns red, then congratulations you are pregnant. If not then there is no pregnancy. In the latest system you have to put one or two drops of urine on the marked area, and after some minutes it will show if you are positive or negative.

You can buy them from local pharmacies. But as our women are embarrassed and harassed by the shopkeepers when they go to buy them, you will choose to buy it in an alternative way. You can buy them from Bangladesh online shop offering all kinds of family planning tools. We also provide home delivery service.