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The opposite name of water is life; people cannot live without water. But now the saying can be rewritten like this; pure water is life because water is being polluted in many ways nowadays. Once people used to drink ponds water, but those days are gone by. It is risky to drink underground water too without purifying because water pollution has gone to that level in many places of Bangladesh. By drinking polluted water, people can risk their own lives.

Hundreds of serious diseases are transmitted to human body from contaminated water such as cholera, diarrhoea, material etc. Some of these diseases are incurable, but a precaution can save you from this problem. Always drink water after purifying it. There are many water purifiers available in the market. Some of them just showcase. They do not do any work. They are cheap in price but very reasonable in service. On the other hand, there is some branded water purifier that makes water purest. Brands like Drinkit, Kent, Pureit, Shine are very reliable for purifying water. They remove all germs and bacteria of water and make it drinkable.

A water purifier purifies water by using some tools installed in it. When we fill a water purifier with normal water, it takes it through some lines and cleans it. Some water purifier is electric, and some are not. A good water purifier is very favourable to produce pure water.

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You should give the highest importance to the safety of your drinking water. It is the only things that do not require much money to buy, but if you are not careful about you, then it is going to take out a massive sum of money of yours. So, it is better to be conscious when there is time.