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PRAN Mk UHT Milk 1 Ltr 4000000001

Tk 90
৫৳ ছাড়

PRAN UHT Milk 500ml 4000000004

Tk 45 Tk 40
৪০৳ ছাড়

Farmland Milk 1 kg 4000000265

Tk 495 Tk 455
২৫৳ ছাড়

Farmland Milk 500gm 4000000266

Tk 260 Tk 235

Aptamil With Pronutra-3 700g

Tk 2200

Aptamil-1 700g

Tk 2590

Aptamil-2 700g

Tk 2590

Aptamil-3 700g

Tk 2200

Aptamil-4 700g

Tk 2200

Nestle Nidina Optipro -1 800g

Tk 2790

Nestle Nidina Optipro -2 800g

Tk 2790

Nestle Nidina Optipro -3 800g

Tk 2790

Nestle Nidina Optipro -4 800g

Tk 2790

PRAN Full Cream Milk Powder 1kg 4000000005

Tk 480

PRAN Full Cream Milk Powder 500gm 4000000002

Tk 260

PRAN MilkMan Slim Milk 1000ml liquid 4000000084

Tk 120
৩০৳ ছাড়

DIPLOMA Instant Full Cream Milk Powder 1kg 4000000095

Tk 610 Tk 580

PRAN Mango Flavored Milk 200ml 4000000127

Tk 20

Danish Condensed Milk 397gm 4000000105

Tk 50

Marks Milk Powder Box 1000gm 4000000090

Tk 470

Marks Milk Powder Box 400gm 4000000088

Tk 205

Marks Milk Powder Foil 1000gm 4000000086

Tk 480

Marks Milk Powder Foil 250gm 4000000089

Tk 130

Marks Milk Powder Foil 500gm 4000000087

Tk 250

Nestle NAN-2 400 gm Tin 1500000022

Tk 830

Nido FCMP BIB 1+ 350 gm 1500000021

Tk 350

Nido FCMP BIB 350gm 1500000015

Tk 260

PRAN Milk Man Choco. Flav. Milk 200ml 4000000149

Tk 25

Starship Condensed Milk 397gm 4000000085

Tk 50

Dano FCMP Instant 1.25kg Foil 4000000213

Tk 850

Dano FCMP Instant Foil 500gm 4000000080

Tk 298
২০৳ ছাড়!

DIPLOMA Instant Full Cream Milk Powder 500gm 4000000096

Tk 310 Tk 290

Nestle NAN-1 400 gm Tin 1500000035

Tk 830

Nido FCMP BIB 3 plus 370gm 1500000019

Tk 350

Nido FCMP BIB 700gm 1500000016

Tk 510

Nido FCMP TIN 900gm 1500000017

Tk 890

PRAN FCMP 200gm 4000000016

Tk 105

PRAN Flavored Milk Chocolate 200ml 4000000126

Tk 20

PRAN Mk Full Cream Milk Powder 400gm 4000000006

Tk 215

PRAN Mk Milkman Mango Milk Combi 200 ml 4000000012

Tk 25

PRAN Mk PRAN Diet Milk 400g New 4000000007

Tk 320

PRAN Pasteurized Milk 1000ml 4000000103

Tk 65

PRAN Pasteurized Milk 500ml 4000000102

Tk 35

PRAN UHT Milk 200ml 4000000003

Tk 22

Milk is very much essential for human being. It contains almost all the vitamins. It is very much necessary for the development of our body. We get milk from cows. Milk is useful to a kid in many ways. We should drink milk every day. If somebody gets sick, we should give him milk every day along with medicine, he will be recovered soon and daily drinking a glass of milk will ensure his health regain. Women can get the energy of working drinking milk regularly. Men can get strength and stamina if they drink milk daily. Students should drink milk every day.

Milk is used to make many various foods. An enormous amount of milk is used to make sweetmeats. Various cakes are made with milk. Milk is also used to make coffee and tea. Many people love to drink milk tea. Some people also like to eat rice with milk and banana. Milk is most favourable to a baby. Those babies who do not get mother's milk live on cow's milk. Many of our tradition Pitha (Cake) are made with milk. To make chocolates and candies milk is used.

Selling cow's milk in the local bazaar is a typical business of the village farmers. Milk is beneficial to health, there is no confusion about it, but it must be pure milk. If the milk that we drink is not pure milk, then it will not come in any benefit. Much dishonest milk sellers sell impure milk. They add water in milk and some powder to make it thick then sell it to a bazaar. The powder added to milk is unhealthy, and the addition of extra water makes milk less beneficial for our health. This impure milk is available all over the country. People are being cheated buying this impure milk. Their money is being wasted.

Buying pure milk from

To save the health of people and also their money, many big dairy farms are now serving pure milk throughout the country. From now you can buy cow milk online with the fastest delivery. Some of the popular milk brands are PRAN Dairy, PRAN FCMP, PRAN UHT Milk, Danish Condensed Milk, Marks Milk Powder, Nestle NAN, Nido, PRAN Milk Man, Starship Condensed Milk, Aarong Pasteurised Milk, Diploma Instant Full Cream Milk,  and Milk Vita Pasteurized Milk. You can buy this pure milk from