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Kitchen Appliances

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ViGO Blender VIS-SBL-003 SS

Tk 3650 Tk 3102

Vision Food Processor VIS-FP-001 All In One

Tk 5700
0% EMI Starts at Tk 475 / month

VISION Blender Classic 3 VIS-PBL-002

Tk 2300

VISION Blender Comfort VIS-SBL-006

Tk 2850

Vision Blender VIS PBL 004

Tk 2350
10% Off

Topper TPR Compact Blender 1.6 L S-30

Tk 3000 Tk 2700
10% Off

Vision E. Kettle 2.0L VIS-EK-009 Pink

Tk 1220 Tk 1098
10% Off

Vision E. Kettle 1.7L VSN-EK-003 Off White

Tk 1170 Tk 1053
15% Off

Vigo Blender VGBL-RG25

Tk 2110 Tk 1794
15% Off

ViGO Blender VIS-SBL-005 SS

Tk 3800 Tk 3230
10% Off

Vision E. Kettle 2.0L VSN-2017

Tk 1250 Tk 1125
10% Off

Vision Electronic Kettle 1.8L VIS-EK-006

Tk 1250 Tk 1125
10% Off

Vision Electric Kettle 1.8L VIS-EK-007 Flux Type

Tk 1300 Tk 1170

ViGO Hand Mixer Black-VIG-HM-001

Tk 1450

Ruti Maker

Tk 3500

Vision Infrared Cooker 40A3 HiLife

Tk 3600

Vision Infrared Cooker 30A3 Smart Cook

Tk 3200

Infrared Cooker VSN-20A1

Tk 2720

Vision Sandwich Maker

Tk 1100

Elecric Milk/Coffee/ Fruit Frother Mixer Maker White

Call 09613-800 800 for price

Stainless Steel Roti Maker

Call 09613-800 800 for price

Vision Blender VIS-SBL-012 Vortex

Tk 3850

Vision Blender VIS-SBL-011 Crushers

Tk 4000

Vision Rice Cooker Standard 1.8 Ltr Pink

Tk 2050

Vision Rice Cooker Standard 1.8 Ltr Navy Blue

Tk 2050

Vision Rice Cooker 1.8 Ltr VSNRC 40-07 1.8 Ltr

Tk 2160

Vision Open Type Rice Cooker 2.2 Ltr

Tk 2450

Vision Open Type Rice Cooker 1.8 Ltr

Tk 1980

Vision Micro Oven VSM W5 20 Ltr

Tk 8000
0% EMI Starts at Tk 666.67 / month

Vision Micro Oven VSM 30 Ltr Convection

Tk 15300
0% EMI Starts at Tk 1275 / month

Vision Electric Oven 30 Ltr Black

Tk 5900
0% EMI Starts at Tk 491.67 / month

Vision Micro Oven VSN J5 20 Ltr

Tk 7900
0% EMI Starts at Tk 658.33 / month

Vision Micro Oven VSN 20L E5 Grill

Tk 9000
0% EMI Starts at Tk 750 / month

Vision Micro Oven VSM 30L Rotisserie

Tk 16300
0% EMI Starts at Tk 1358.33 / month

Vigo Rice Cooker 1.8Ltr Open Type 40-05

Tk 1950

Infrared Cooker VIGO-INFV16A3

Tk 3280

Vigo Rice Cooker 1.8 Ltr Color SS

Tk 2160

Vigo Induction Cooker VGO1202A

Tk 3200

Vision Blender VSBL-S30

Tk 3000

VISION Infrared Cooker VSN-20A7

Tk 3280

VISION Infrared Cooker VSN 22C2

Tk 3500

Vigo Electric Kettle 2.0L VGO-2017

Tk 1220

ViGO Electric Kettle 1.8L VIG-EK-005 SS

Tk 850

ViGO Electric Kettle (0.8L) VIG-EK-01 Green

Tk 1000

Magic Bullet Blender 21 Pcs Set Black

Tk 2300

Portable Rechargeable Smoothie Blender and Power Cable

Tk 795

Stainless Steel Roti Maker Silver

Tk 650 Tk 630

Philips HR 2115 Blender 2 L

Tk 4900

Kitchen Appliances

A modern kitchen requires a lot of electronic devices with the help of cooking correctly. All these things can add to a lot of benefits for the person who does the work of cooking. The kitchen works can be elementary with the help of kitchen appliances like blender, grinder, juicer, mixer, etc. Using these things we can do a lot of kitchens works in a short time & without wasting any physical energy of ours. These electric devices can perform some activities like with the help of a blender we can blend things very easily, during cooking we need to blend a lot of things, only with hands and manual tools is not enough for these types of works.

When it needs a lot of time to blend something manually, a blender can do that work at no times. We can blend vegetables, lentils, beef, fruits & whatever food we want to. A grinder is another revolutionary kitchen appliance; it can be used to grind many things using its sharp blades. A juicer can be used to make juice at home very quickly. It has a special benefit to those who do not like juice that is made outside a home. These people can enjoy homemade juice made with a juicer. Without using juicer, you have to face many obstacles if you want to make it on your own.

A mixer can be used to mix things properly. It is handy for mixing ingredients. All ingredients of food cannot be mixed using hands and other tools. Some food items may remain hot when it is needed to mix properly. Manual tools may fail to mix it properly, in this case, and also if we want all the time, we can use this for our help in the kitchen.

Buying kitchen appliances from Othoba.com

You can buy any kitchen appliance from online marketplace in Bangladesh. We have all types of them including blender, grinder, juicer, mixer, etc. Whenever you need to buy any of these, you can purchase it from here because we have the most extensive collection of kitchen appliances as you can see already. You will be able to buy them all in one place. All your favorite brands are also available here. Choose from this wide variety and enjoy the pleasure of using original products at a very reasonable rate. You can also get home delivery of your desired products.