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Comfy Baby Nursing Pillow

Tk 660

KM-621 Rechargeable Hair Trimmer

Tk 650

Km-8868 Rechargeable Shaver Black And Silver

Tk 750

KM-730 Rechargeable Hair Trimmer Black And Red

Tk 450

Classic Pressure Cooker 5.5 L With Free 14cm Non-Stick Frypan

Tk 1700

Classic Pressure Cooker 3.5 Litres Silver

Tk 1350

Kiam Classic Pressure Cooker 2.5 L

Tk 1250

Kiam Forged Casserole With Glass Lid 24cm

Tk 1655

Kiam Non Stick Cookware 30cm Black

Tk 2900

Kiam Non Stick 20 CM Casserole Black

Tk 1200

Kiam Non Stick Fry Pan 26 CM with Glass Lid

Tk 1250

Kiam Non Stick 30 CM Casserole Black

Tk 2900

Kiam Non Stick 36 CM Casserole

Tk 3200

Philips HD-4825 Toaster Black & Silver

Tk 3200

Improved Non Stick 26 CM Casserole With 5 Cod Glass

Tk 1499

Philips HD 4815 Toaster

Tk 3200

Ocean Toaster Bread 2 Slice OBT011B

Tk 1200

Folding Portable Dry Iron 700W

Tk 900

Miyako Hand Blender

Tk 1450

Folding Iron Table

Tk 1350

Miyako Blender 3in 1

Tk 1800

GC 113/28 Dry Iron

Tk 1700

HD1134/28 Dry Irons Philips Original Black And Silver

Tk 1550

Miyako Electric Steam Iron MKY-2000W3

Tk 2000

Electric Iron DB-2001A 1000W White

Tk 1400

Nima Electric Spice Grinder Silver

Tk 600

Miyako Electric Dry Iron ETA-6H

Tk 1650

Ruti Maker

Tk 3500

SW 5002 Sandwich Maker White

Tk 1111

Miyako Dry Electric Iron EI 3188C

Tk 1000

Vision Sandwich Maker

Tk 1200

Miyako Automatic Dry Electric Iron

Tk 1750

Miyako Dry Electric Iron KY 237C

Tk 899

Hotel King 1000w Blender

Tk 5850
0% EMI Starts at Tk 487.50 / month

Jaipan 750W Buttler Mixer Grinder

Tk 3600

Jaipan Kitchen Beauty Blender 850 Watt

Tk 4600

Jaipan Blender (3 in 1) Mixer Grinder 850 Watt

Tk 4500

Original Jaipan Family Mate(2100) Blender 850w

Tk 4000

Non-Stick Casserole 36 cm Black

Tk 3510

KM-2516 Professional Hair Clipper White

Tk 590

Aluminium Milk Pan

Tk 294

KM-621 Rechargeable Hair Trimmer

Tk 705

KM-3580 4-In-1 Grooming Trimmer And Shaver Set Black

Tk 705

Kemei KM-1400 Professional Electric Hair Clipper

Tk 1580

Kemei KM-590A 7 In 1 Rechargeable Hair Shaver and Trimmer

Tk 1590

KM-619 Exclusive Rechargeable Hair Trimmer And Clipper Black And Silver

Tk 765

Non-Stick Frypan 26cm Black

Tk 995

Non-Stick Frypan 28cm Black

Tk 1120

KM 1832 5 In 1 Rechargeable Electric Trimmer Black And Gray

Tk 1620

Non-Stick Frypan 22cm Black & Silver

Tk 936

Non-Stick Casserole With Cover 20 CM Black

Tk 1410

Non-Stick Casserole With Cover 22CM Black

Tk 1465

Non-Stick Frypan with Cover 24cm Black

Tk 1060

Kemei KM-4004 Professional Electric Hair Clipper and Trimmer

Tk 1420

Non-Stick Casserole With Cover 24 CM Black

Tk 1530

Non-Stick Frypan with Cover 26cm Black

Tk 1180

Non-Stick Casserole With Cover 26 CM Black

Tk 1697

KM 5017 Trimmer Black And Sandy Brown

Tk 1170

Non-Stick Casserole With Cover 28 CM Black

Tk 1989

Kemei KM-5015 Professional Hair Trimmer

Tk 1230