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Voltage Stabilizer

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Astrum Backup UPS 650VA Offline 360W Black

Tk 2650

Astrum UP1200 Backup UPS 1200VA Offline Black

Tk 5700
0% EMI Starts at Tk 475 / month

Automatic Voltage Regulator 3000VA

Tk 7765
0% EMI Starts at Tk 647.08 / month

Automatic Voltage Regulator 5000VA

Tk 13299
0% EMI Starts at Tk 1108.25 / month

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer RE23-1000VA 823605

Tk 2560

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer RE23-1500VA 823606

Tk 3000

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer RE27-1000VA 823608

Tk 2450

Digital X Offline UPS 1200VA

Tk 5399
0% EMI Starts at Tk 449.92 / month

Digital X Offline UPS 650VA

Tk 3499

Home IPS UPS 3000VA 2400 Watt Only UPS

Tk 32350
0% EMI Starts at Tk 2695.83 / month

Home IPS UPS 5000VA 4000 Watt Blue

Tk 52249
0% EMI Starts at Tk 4354.08 / month

JOHSUN 20Kva 3 Phase Voltage Stabilizer

Tk 53945
0% EMI Starts at Tk 4495.42 / month

JOHSUN 20Kva Single Phase

Tk 41840
0% EMI Starts at Tk 3486.67 / month

Power Digital Voltage Stabilizer

Tk 3545

Power Pack Voltage Stabilizer PPVS-1000VA

Tk 2500

Power Voltage Stabilizer PVS

Tk 2949

Vigo Automatic Voltage Stabilizer VIG 104 1000VA 824597

Tk 3350

Vigo Voltage Stabilizer DR01 1000VA 824458

Tk 3000

VISION Automatic Voltage Stabilizer VSN-104-1000VA 823476

Tk 3350

VISION Voltage Stabilizer DR03 1000VA 823612

Tk 3000

Vision Voltage Stabilizer PWH-01-1000VA 823613

Tk 3250

Vision Voltage Stabilizer PWH-01-1500VA 823614

Tk 3750

Vision Voltage Stabilizer SDR03-1500VA 823611

Tk 3550

V-Tech Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 1000VA Upto 20 CFT 842079 By Vision Emporium

Tk 2600

V-Tech Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 1500VA 20 CFT To Above 842080 By Vision Emporium

Tk 3100

V-Tech Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 600VA Upto 12 CFT 842078 By Vision Emporium

Tk 2100

Voltage Stabilizer

A voltage stabilizer is a device that supplies constant electricity to an electronic device without up and down of voltage. It is an essential thing for all electronic devices, but it has become a mandatory thing for using in the present electricity supply condition of Bangladesh. Our country lacks in electricity, due to manufacturing faults the supply lines also cannot supply power in exact volts. The voltage keeps up and down all over the country, and it becomes so severe when there is a significant factory or welding shop beside someone's house. There remains no stable electricity. It affects the electronic devices like TV, refrigerator, computer very badly.  Sometimes those are wasted due to voltage problem. We face the loss of thousands of money.

A voltage stabilizer can be a perfect solution for this problem. By using it to run our devices, we can ensure the safety of our valuable products. We need to connect a voltage stabilizer to the electric line then we have to input the line of a computer, TV or refrigerator on it. It will fix the voltage problem and ensure stable electricity for the device. Due to low voltage, many devices may not work, but we can use these devices to it.

Buying Voltage Stabilizer from

Voltage stabilizer can be of various types. Some of them are expensive, and some are not. You will find every kind of them here in, the leading online shopping websites in Bangladesh. We sell VISION and V-Tech branded voltage stabilizer. They are available in different models and capacity. Choose your favorite one from them. You can also compare the same types of products to choose the most suitable one for your electronic device. You may buy these products at a discounted price. Sometimes we offer up to 5% discount on every purchase. Sometimes you also can get cash back offer through bKash payment.

Buying it from a local shop can be confusing because you may not be able to choose the most suitable one for your device and taking this chance the seller may sell you a low-quality device but here in you are free to choose all by yourself, nobody will bother you here. Choose according to your will then place an order by clicking the buy button or giving us a call. We will send the desired product of yours to your home safely.