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Grooming & Wellness

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Gillette Mach3 Men's Disposable Razor

Tk 433 Tk 340

The Body Shop Coconut Beauty Bag

Tk 1990

Micro Touch Max Hair and Nose Trimmer

Tk 270 Tk 260

Micro Touch Max Hair and Nose Trimmer

Tk 270 Tk 260

Parachute Advansed Men's Hair Cream Anti Hairfall with Almond 100gm 711728

Tk 180 Tk 170

Parachute Hair Cream Advansed Men Aftershower Classic 100gm 711726

Tk 180 Tk 170

Acnes Creamy Wash 100ml

Tk 444

Aleppo Liquid Soap 300ml

Tk 495

Aleppo Solid Soap 180g

Tk 352

Almond Milk & Honey Soothing & Restoring Body Butter 50ml

Tk 640

Aloe Vera & Fresh Collagen Eye Mask 6 Pirs

Tk 1000

Argan Oil Conditioner 300 ml PAL000404

Tk 550

Argan Oil Shampoo 300 ml PAL000576

Tk 550

Argon Smooth Moisture Rice Shampoo And Condition 500ml

Tk 1100

Beauty Formulas 60 Second Wash Off Peeling Gel 50ml Sachet

Tk 350

Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Deep Nourishing Conditioner 200 ml PAL000532

Tk 420

Beauty Formulas Hydrate & Nourish Fingernail Mask 10pcs PAL000538

Tk 200

Beauty Formulas Soothing And Nourishing Hand Mask 2 Pair

Tk 400

Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Exfoliating Facial Wash 150ml

Tk 480

Bee Beautiful Radiance Body Wash 200ml PAL000206

Tk 300

Bic Comfort Gel Fresh 200ml

Tk 320 Tk 300

Bic Comfort Gel Sensitive 200ml

Tk 320 Tk 300

Bio Women Shampoo 300 ML

Tk 660

BioCos Beauty Cream 30g

Tk 650

BioCos Emergency Whitening Serum 20g

Tk 650

Biotin & Collagen Thickening Conditioner 400 ml PAL000563

Tk 650

Biotin & Collagen Thickening Shampoo 400 ml PAL000562

Tk 650

Biotin & Collagen Thickening Shampoo 400ml

Tk 1200

Blueberry Wonder Essence Brighten Whitening Day Cream 50 gm

Tk 460

Boots Cream 100 ML

Tk 348

Braun HC-3050 Trimmer Black For Men

Tk 6499 Tk 5399
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Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Therapy Shampoo 500ml

Tk 750

Brylcreem Anti Dandruff For Hair Styler 150ml Indonesia

Tk 450

Brylcreem Anti Dandruff Hair Cream 125ml

Tk 390

Brylcreem Cream Big Size

Tk 540

Brylcreem Cream Medium Size

Tk 420

Bumebime Body Whitening Soap 150g

Tk 600

Chirs's Hair Spray 420ml ODS-4

Tk 300

Clean & Clear Fairness Cream 40g

Tk 360

Collagen Day Night Cream with Soap 50ml

Tk 690

Combo of BioCos Beauty Cream 30g & Serum 20g

Tk 1200

Crème 21 200 ML

Tk 420

Daling Electric Trimmer For Men

Tk 1260

Deep Beauty Whitening & Acne Cream 30g

Tk 350

Denim Musk After Shave Lotion 100ml 6000000700

Tk 300

Dove Men Care 100ml

Tk 456

Dove Shampoo 250ml

Tk 520

Dr. Rashel Collagen & Charcoals Oil Control Mask for Men ODS 14

Tk 435

Grooming & Wellness

It is said that health is wealth. You cannot pass your days happily if you are not feeling healthy from inside. To be healthy and fit, you need to take care of your body. Either you can do natural treatment or go to a spa. If you are out of time for all these, then you can groom yourself at home with the help of different branded body care products. But all these go into vain if you do not maintain a healthy routine. To be fit you definitely should keep your body sound.

First of all, whether you are a student or a busy working male, you have to take your meal properly in time. You should keep a healthy diet. Your food must include plenty of vegetables, minerals, protein as needed and carbohydrate mandatory. Try to eat seasonal fruits every day and never forget to take plenty of water. After doing all these, you should have a sound sleep of seven or eight long hours. Your health will be fit and you will be glowing from inside.

Being a gentleman, you have to spend most of the time outside your home at the place of your profession. Also as a student, you are always at a run for your coaching, tuition, college or university. Some students also do part-time jobs. So, of course, your face, hair, skin is exposed to different kinds of dirt and dust, also to various types of chemical and environmental pollution. As a result, you need to take proper care of all these. You should wash your hair regularly with branded herbal shampoo. You better not use chemical ones. You should also oil your hair two times in a week. You can find branded hair oil like Arnica Plus available in the market. You can shave regularly or you can trim your beard with digital or electronic trimmer or shaver. After coming from outside, you should clean your face with suitable face-wash or scrub. Finally, you can apply moisturizing cream on your face after shaving or cleaning your face. Do not forget to take your shower with soaps.

We know that you are thinking about from where to collect all these items of grooming for your wellness. You can find the shaver or trimmer and the trimming set in the local electrical market. But usually they are costly and the retailers very often provide faulty ones. The cosmetics products are always available in the general stores and super shops. If you are looking for the original products in your budget then is the best option. Buy all type of grooming items from