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Women Clothing

Clothing is an important thing for women. Clothes are worn by women to protect their sensitive parts and cover them. Clothes play a vital role in girls day to day life. They wear different types of clothes not to expose their bare body or hidden parts. In the primitive time, people did not have clothes to wear. They used to wear the leaves of trees and bark of trees to hide the hidden parts. After living for ages, they discovered to make clothes out of the skin of animals which they hunt down. Now we wear clothes made from fabrics. Women clothing includes saree, salwar kameez, kurta, tops, palazzo, pyjamas, nightwears, t-shirts etc.

The national dress of our women is saree in Bangladesh. Most of the women in our home wear saree. Some years ago, saree was also the institutional uniform for women. At present, women prefer salwar kameez over saree because salwar kameez is more comfortable to wear than saree. But old and middle-aged women prefer saree over salwar kameez. Also occasionally those who wear salwar kameez wear saree when they have any function to attend. Again working-class women like kurta and tops instead of old-fashioned saree and salwar kameez as the previous two items are more modern and trendy than the latter duo. But in case of a marriage ceremony, women usually wear gorgeous traditional sarees. They are different type’s like- Benarasi, Katan, Jamdani, Silk etc.

Another important item for women clothing is undergarments. Undergarments help you to keep your body fit and maintain the natural shape. Undergarments include bras, panties etc. Bra keeps your breasts in their perfect position. Otherwise, your breasts loosen up which destroy the firm shape. Some wear them regularly twenty-four hours. Some wear them only when they go out. Some wear them when they occasionally wear saree for a special celebration. But the doctor says you should not wear a bra while sleeping because it hampers blood circulation.

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