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Astrum Bluetooth Aluminum Keyboard KT290 Black

Tk 1500 Tk 1420

Walton Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo WSMKC002RN

Tk 1150

Walton Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo WSMKC001RN

Tk 1350

Walton Wireless Keyboard

Tk 990

Walton Wireless Keyboard WKC002RN

Tk 790

Mi Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Tk 2490

Astrum KT300 Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Tk 2600 Tk 2500

Astrum KT290 Wireless Keyboard

Tk 1500 Tk 1450

Astrum KW280 Wireless Keyboard Touchpad Slim

Tk 1800 Tk 1700

Astrum KB170 Classic Wired Keyboard 104 Keys Bangla

Tk 550 Tk 530

Walton Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo WSMKC003RN

Tk 1090

Walton Keyboard WKS005WN

Tk 650

Walton Keyboard WKS003WN

Tk 490

Walton Keyboard WKS002WN

Tk 490

Walton Wireless Keyboard WKS002RN

Tk 690

Walton Wired Keyboard WKM001WB

Tk 2350

Walton Gaming Keyboard WKG006WB

Tk 950

Walton Gaming Keyboard WKG005WB

Tk 950

Walton Keyboard WKS006WN

Tk 390

Walton Keyboard WKS010WN

Tk 250

Walton Keyboard WKS007WB

Tk 670

Walton Keyboard WKS008WN

Tk 590

Walton Keyboard WKS007WN

Tk 550

Xiaomi Mijia Duck Dot LOFREE Keyboard Mouse set

Tk 16000 Tk 15400
0.00% EMI Starts at Tk 1283.33 / month

A4 TECH KRS-85 USB FN Multimedia Keyboard With Bangla Layout

Tk 699 Tk 630

A4 TECH KRS-83 FN Black Wired Multimedia (FN hotkey) Keyboard With Bangla

Tk 699 Tk 630

A4 TECH KR-92 FN Black USB FN-Hotkeys Multimedia Keyboard With Bangla

Tk 699 Tk 630

A4 TECH KLS-5 KLS-5 X-Slim Black USB Multimedia Keyboard With Bangla

Tk 799 Tk 750

A4 TECH FK11 Grey USB FN-Hotkeys Multimedia Mini Keyboard With Bangla

Tk 799 Tk 710

A4 TECH FG1010 2.4G Wireless Bangla Keyboard With FG10 Wireless Mouse

Tk 1600 Tk 1550

A4 TECH BLOODY Q135 NEON Illuminate Gaming Keyboard

Tk 1800 Tk 1550

A4 TECH Bloody B885N Light Strike Gaming Keyboard

Tk 4750 Tk 4600

A4 TECH BLOODY B810 (BLUE SWITCH) Light Strike RGB Animation Gaming Keyboard

Tk 525 Tk 4650

A4 TECH BLOODY B760 Gray USB Full Light Strike Neon Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Tk 3500 Tk 3400

A4 TECH BLOODY B500N Illuminated Neon Backlit Mecha like Switch USB Gaming Keyboard Grey

Tk 2749 Tk 2500

A4 TECH 4200N V-Track 2.4G Wireless Bangla Keyboard With Wireless Padless Mouse

Tk 1450 Tk 1290

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Tk 2850 Tk 2700

Xiaomi Mijia LOFREE Keyboard Mouse set

Tk 16800 Tk 15400
0.00% EMI Starts at Tk 1283.33 / month


A keyboard is one of the main hardware of a computer. Without a keyboard working on a computer is quite impossible. It is necessary to give many commands to a computer, but it is most necessary for the work of word processing. Word processing works like preparing word file, excel file and powerpoint files are never possible if the computer does not have a keyboard. There are many short commands only possible to live with it.

A desktop always needs a keyboard, but laptop comes with a keyboard attached to it. Whatever, many people do not like to work with the keyboard of a laptop so buying an extra becomes compulsory. There are many types of keyboard available on the market. Some are wired, and some are USB keyboard that can be run wirelessly. It is gaining huge popularity among the users as it is portable and straightforward to use. Some people still you wired keyboard maybe because they do not like to afford the other one, this tendency is seen among seniors. The Bangladeshi youngsters are more likely to buy USB keyboard that the other.

Buying keyboard online from Othoba.com

Whatever type of the keyboard is, you will get that here. We know what brand is favorite among the users now and which brands are outstanding. According to our quality policy, we sell only limited branded keyboards. Here you will get keyboards by A4TECH, Astrum, Dell, Delux, Genius, Havit, HP, and Logitech. You will get both USB and wired keyboard by these brands here. You may buy these from other places too including some branded shops, local computer accessories shop and much more but that may cost you more. Branded stores usually take more in a product purchase and local stores may give you replica product saying it original thus you may be doomed.

They will not last long, you will not get the pleasure of using original products, but they will take away a considerable sum of money of yours. Othoba.com, one of  best online shopping websites in Bangladesh is exceptional in this matter. We sell authentic products at a reasonable price. So, if you need a keyboard for your computer, keep browsing our page and see the products, compare the configuration and rate with other products, finalize one and give us an order by clicking the buy button. When the order is complete, wait for us, we will take the keyboard to your home.