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Adaptor, Cable & Hub

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Click-Safe Multi-Plug 5SKT 2P 5Y

Tk 705

Click-Safe Multi-Plug 4SKT 2P 5Y

Tk 655

Click-Safe Multi-Plug 3SKT 2P 5Y

Tk 585

Universal Travel Adaptor

Tk 140

Uta With Usb-1A-CLK

Tk 278

Uta With Usb-Clk

Tk 447

Universal Travel Adaptor-Clk

Tk 157

Xbox 360 E Power Adapter

Tk 1500 Tk 1390

Dish TV Line Signal Amplifier Silver

Tk 450 Tk 400

Prolink Travel Car Charger With IntelliSense PCC23301BLK 2 Port 33 Watt

Tk 1100 Tk 1000

Prolink Travel Wall Charger With IntelliSense PTC32501WHT 3 Port 30 Watt

Tk 1300 Tk 1200

Prolink Travel Wall Charger With IntelliSense PTC23301GWHT 2 Port 33 Watt

Tk 1700 Tk 1500

Prolink Smart Charger With IntelliSense PDC54001-BLK 5 Port 40 Watt

Tk 2200 Tk 2000

Prolink Smart Charger With IntelliSense PDC53001-BLK 5 Port 30 Watt

Tk 1500 Tk 1300

Blaze Multi Extension Cord With USB

Tk 800

Blaze Multi plug

Tk 500

USB 3D Sound Card Adapter with Cable Line By Beacon

Tk 350

Sony HDMI Cable By Beacon

Tk 500

USB Extension Cable 1.5m By Beacon

Tk 80

USB Extension Cable 3m Male to Female By Beacon

Tk 150

USB Extension Cable 5m By Beacon

Tk 220

HDMI Cable 3m By Beacon

Tk 400

HDMI Cable 10m By Beacon

Tk 700

USB 3 Male to Female Extension Cable 1.0m By Beacon

Tk 280

Universal Travel Adaptor CLK

Tk 157

Universal Travel Adaptor CLK

Tk 114

Universal Travel Adaptor with USB CLK

Tk 447

Universal Travel Adaptor CLK

Tk 140

Universal Travel Adaptor with USB 1A CLK

Tk 278

Baseus Removable 2 in 1 Universal Travel Adapter

Tk 1620

Walton Type-C USB Cable UC01

Tk 260

Adaptor, Cable & Hub

Adaptor, cable, and hub all these are essential electronic tools. Cable and hubs are vital for a computer. On the other hand, a data cable is a particular kind of wire that is used to send transfer data between a computer and a mobile phone. It is also used to charge a mobile phone connecting it to a USB port or mobile charger adapter. It is an essential thing for the present gadget users. They need it all time to transfer data as well as to charge their phone. There are many types of a hub, data cable, and adaptor.

According to the transfer rate, there are two types of data cable available in the markets of Bangladesh. One is USB 2, and another is USB 3. USB 2 is the latest version of it, and if is connected to a USB 3 port of a computer it can transfer data at a faster transfer rate. Some cables can charge many phones at a time. Some data cables have a digital indicator that shows us whether it is charging or not. Some of those have wide wire so that you can charge your phone from a distant place and some of have small wire so that you do not feel uneasy to carry them everywhere. It is your wish which one you choose.

The data cable that comes along with our mobile and computers may not last long, for any reason that may be wasted. Again, that provided cable may not meet your necessity. You may need a bigger data cable or a more powerful one, supposes a USB 3 data cable. So, many extra data cables are available in the mobile accessories shops of Bangladesh.

Buy adaptor, data cable & hub online from Othoba.com

You can buy these from any accessories shop but be careful when you buy it from local stores because many sellers of local shop sell cheap products saying it original. Thus they may cheat you so be careful and buy it from a trusted shop. And keep your preferences at the top. Think about your necessity. For what purpose you are going to use the cable, is it for charging or for data transferring? Different cables work better for a different purpose. For a better understanding of it, you can visit Othoba.com, the trusted online mobile shop Bangladesh. Various branded products are available here such as Huawei, Remax, and Xiaomi, etc.