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Buddy Chocolate Wafer 12gm

Tk 5

PRAN Treat Dairy Milk 15gm

Tk 15
১০৳ ছাড়

Chocobean Ball Toffee 23 gm

Tk 60 Tk 50

Nicorette Freshmint 4mg Gum (105pcs Packet)

Tk 2100

Treat Chocolate Sweet Heart

Tk 150

Chocolord Bar 12.5gm

Tk 10

Treat Milk Chocolate Bar

Tk 240

Dolciando Cioccolato Svizzero 85% Cacao Chocolate 100g

Tk 400

Dolciando Cioccolato Fondente Chocolate 100g

Tk 250

NOVI Fondente Chocolate 100g

Tk 320

Tango Milk Chocolate 140gm

Tk 230

Tango Almonds Chocolate 40gm

Tk 80

Alpella Crispy Rice Bar 30gm

Tk 55

Alpella Crispy Bar 28gm

Tk 55

Mentos Pure Fresh Supermint 35 Gm

Tk 195

Alpella Wafer 33gm

Tk 62

Mentos Chewing Gum Pure Fresh 27 Gm

Tk 120

Hersheys Nuggets Chocolate 28 Gm

Tk 110

Nestle KitKat Chunky White 40 Gm

Tk 100

JB Coin Chocolate 112gm

Tk 340

Tayas Jess Box 300gm

Tk 500

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Roast Almond 137gm

Tk 320

Tayas Love Long PVC 350 Gm

Tk 540

Gift Chocolate& Toy Love Tin 150gm

Tk 285

Tango Milk Chocolate Bar 100gm

Tk 160

Tango Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bar 100gm

Tk 160

Tango Almond Chocolate Bar 100gm

Tk 160

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Fruit & Nut 55gm

Tk 140

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo Choco. 60gm

Tk 160

Treat Yummy mini love box

Tk 65

Football Mega Fun Lollipop15pcs 47789

Tk 80

Treat twist candy 20pcs

Tk 100

Lop lop surprise pack different chocolate with toy 2 47446

Tk 100

Wonder Kids Combo Offer 47289

Tk 50

SRS Eclair Standing Poly 170g 46063

Tk 65

Wonder Kids Mighty Egg single pic 47349

Tk 100

SRS Eclair Small Heart Shape 175g

Tk 120

Gummy Candy Small Bucket

Tk 100

Hurray Milk Wafer 18gm 12pcs 33266

Tk 60

Sweet Surprise Pink 902

Tk 1199

Ferraro Delight Pink 920

Tk 2000

Nestle KitKat 28.3 ±3gm

Tk 160

Choco Boss Combo Pack 13

Tk 700

Choco Boss Combo Pack 12

Tk 940

Choco Boss Combo Pack 9

Tk 1200

Choco Boss Combo Pack 8

Tk 920

Choco Boss Combo Pack 6

Tk 780

Choco Boss Combo Pack 5

Tk 550

It is necessary to define what chocolate and candies are? Rather let me ask, who does not love it? I think if somebody is not a diabetic patient and has a sensitivity to it, you can never resist it. These sweetmeats are loved by all, especially children and teenagers. Chocolates and candies are being made by people throughout centuries, but in modern time the quality and variation of chocolates and candies have increased to a great extent. Thousands of types of flavour are available now. Their type, model, and taste are also different from one another. They also come in various name and brand.

Whether it is his/her birthday or some other occasions, children always insist for chocolates and candies. Whoever buys him some chocolates and candies are most favourable to them. Many young people are also crazy for chocolate and candy. Why should they not be? How yummy, sweet, crunchy, they are! Whenever a person thinks about chocolate candies, his tongue gets wet.

Chocolate and candy are best as gift

Whether it is his/her birthday, your anniversary, Valentine's, etc., if you give your special one some chocolates and candies as a gift, they would be happiest. Many companies like PRAN in produce box chocolate and candy. These chocolate and candy box can be the best gift for your beloved, brothers and sisters, parents, whatever the occasion is. Bring your sad sister some candies; she would be bound to give you a big smile. Going to a birthday party? Take some chocolates and candies with you, the birthday boy/girl would love it.

Buying Chocolates and Candies

Chocolates and candies are considered as a luxury thing in Bangladesh. So, the government imposes an extra tax on imported foreign chocolates. So, it is better to buy chocolates and candies that are being made in our country. We have some great chocolate manufacturing company like PRAN. People throughout the country love many chocolates and candies by PRAN. Chocolates and candies of PRAN are being exported to foreign countries also. Some of the renowned chocolates and candies are Buddy Chocolate Wafer, Carnival Heart Shape Candy, Jojo Heart Shape Gift Box Chocolate, Kinder Joy, PRAN 2in1 Heart Shape Candy, PRAN Mega Lollypop, PRAN Treat Dairy Milk, etc. You can buy this chocolate and candy from any local departmental shop, but if you want to buy from an online store, then you can buy chocolate online from Othoba.com, the largest online shop bd.