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৫৳ ছাড়

PRAN Kasundi 300gm

Tk 45 Tk 40
১০৳ ছাড়

PRAN Tomato Sauce 340gm

Tk 90 Tk 80
১০৳ ছাড়

PRAN Tomato Ketchup - 340gm

Tk 90 Tk 80

Radhuni Vinegar 540 ml

Tk 55

Radhuni Vinegar 280 ml

Tk 40

Divella Pesto Genovese Sauce 550g

Tk 800

Divella Pomodori Pelati Interi-5180 Sauce 2.5kg

Tk 700

Divella Pomodori Pelati Interi-8051 Sauce 800g

Tk 290

Divella Polpa Fine Di Pomodoro Sauce 400g

Tk 249

Divella Passata Di Pomodoro

Tk 180

Divella Pomodori Pelati Interi-1105

Tk 270

Calypso Vinegar White 473ml

Tk 234

Calypso Vinegar Brown 473ml

Tk 240

Calypso Vinegar Apple 473ml

Tk 240

Ahmed White Vinegar Jar 4 Liter

Tk 290

Ahmed White Vinegar 750ml

Tk 80

Ahmed White Vinegar 500ml

Tk 65

Ahmed White Vinegar 325ml

Tk 50

Ahmed White Vinegar 250ml

Tk 35

Ahmed Soya Sauce Jar 4 Liter

Tk 440

Ahmed Chili Sauce Jar 4.5Kg

Tk 485

Ahmed Chili Sauce Jar 2.5Kg

Tk 290

Ahmed Tomato Sauce Jar 2.5Kg

Tk 280

Ahmed Tomato Ketchup Jar 4.5Kg

Tk 495

Ahmed Tomato Sauce Jar 4.5Kg

Tk 495

Ahmed Tomato Hot Sauce Mini Packet 8gm

Tk 2

Ahmed Tomato Ketchup Mini Packet 8gm

Tk 2

Ahmed Sweet Chili Sauce Mini Packet 8gm

Tk 3

Ahmed Tomato Hot Sauce 525gm

Tk 95

Ahmed Tomato Hot Sauce 340gm

Tk 85

Ahmed Tomato Hot Sauce 280gm

Tk 90

Ahmed Sweet Chili Sauce 340gm

Tk 90

Ahmed Garlic Sauce 340gm

Tk 95

Ahmed Green Chili Sauce 340gm

Tk 90

Ahmed Chili Sauce 825gm

Tk 160

Ahmed Chili Sauce 340gm

Tk 90

Ahmed Tomato Ketchup 825gm

Tk 160

Ahmed Tomato Ketchup 525gm

Tk 95

Ahmed Tomato Ketchup 340gm

Tk 90

Ahmed Tomato Ketchup 280gm

Tk 75

Ahmed Tomato Sauce 825gm

Tk 160

Ahmed Tomato Sauce 525gm

Tk 95

Ahmed Tomato Sauce 340gm

Tk 90

Ahmed Tomato Sauce 280gm

Tk 75

Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar 946ml

Tk 1152

Best Tomato Ketchup 330gm

Tk 140

Best Chili Sauce 340gm

Tk 150

Barchon Best Quality Oyster Sauce 350ml

Tk 135


Yummy sauces. When are you already hungry? We hear the word sauce and the first thing that appears in our mind the red, thick, tangy tomato sauces to eat fries and fast foods and our very own Singara, Puri, Roll, Samucha, chops. It works as a side dish or factor to make the less tasty food more tasty than usual. You are feeling hungry or not feeling hungry, not in a mood to eat the food which you have no option without eating. Close your eyes and confidently have them with a few tomato sauces. In the end, you will say yourself that you had the fun of eating so tasty.

Sauces can be of different types. If you say sauces, then it is commonly regarded that you are talking about tomato sauces. But there are a variety of sauces. Some examples can be,-red chili sauce, green chili sauce, soya sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, etc. These different types of sauces are primarily used in various top restaurants and star marked hotels. Kitchens of these hotels can go a day without the use of sauces. Tomato, Soya, oyster sauces are the main ingredients of Chinese and Italian foods. Italian pasta and spaghetti cannot be cooked without these. Another remarkable sauce is Barbecue sauce which is the main spice for barbecuing chicken or any other meats, stakes.

They are also used in Thai items also as in the use of soups, chicken Masala, prawn masala, Beef Masala, chicken fry, different types of salads and sizzling. You have made sandwiches for your children as their tiffins. But they have returned them uneaten. Next day put some sauces on the sandwiches; definitely, they will eat them in their wish happily. Nowadays we also use ketchup or sauces in our traditional food items on occasion like in chicken roast, beef curry, and mutton Rezala. You can make rolls, Kebabs, other homemade things and serve with sauces to your guests. Add some soya sauce in your afternoon refreshment of noodles and enjoy the difference and pleasant taste.

It is very easy to make tomato sauce and chili sauces in your home by using vinegar, but you won't be able to make Soya, oyster or fish sauce at home. Even if you are a working person, it will be difficult for you to take out some time to process this at home. You can buy them ready-made from your local nearby shops. You will find them also in the domestic market. If you are looking for an online store bd to buy from there, you have come to the right place. You will find different types of sauces from branded companies are available here.