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DIPLOMA Instant Full Cream Milk Powder 1kg

Tk 610

PRAN UHT Milk 500ml

Tk 45

PRAN Mk UHT Milk 1 Ltr

Tk 90

PRAN Drinking Yogurt (Matha) 500ml

Tk 50

PRAN Yogurt Low Fat 500ml

Tk 80

PRAN Premium Butter Fresco Box 200gm

Tk 180
৪০৳ ছাড়

PRAN Full Cream Milk Powder 1kg

Tk 480 Tk 440
২৫৳ ছাড়

PRAN Full Cream Milk Powder 500gm

Tk 260 Tk 235

Pran Lassi 170ml Yogurt 48 Pcs Per Carton

Tk 720

Gowala Premium Doi Cup 6pcs

Tk 230

Gowala Premium Doi Sora 750 Gm

Tk 310

Farmland Milk 500gm

Tk 280

Farmland Milk 1 kg

Tk 540

PRAN Premium Butter 200gm

Tk 180

Goodlife Mozzarella Cheese 200gm

Tk 150

Marks Milk Powder Foil 1000gm

Tk 480

Nestle NAN-2 400 gm Tin

Tk 830

Marks Milk Powder Foil 500gm

Tk 250

Marks Milk Powder Foil 250gm

Tk 130

Nido FCMP BIB 1+ 350 gm

Tk 350

Nido FCMP BIB 350gm

Tk 260

PRAN Dhaka Cheese 225gm P00274

Tk 150

PRAN Labang 250ml

Tk 30

PRAN Sour Curd 100ml

Tk 20

PRAN Dhaka Cheese 100gm

Tk 75

PRAN Sweetened Yogurt 100 gm

Tk 20

PRAN Sour Curd 500ml

Tk 75

PRAN Sweet Curd 500ml

Tk 90

PRAN Drinking Yogurt (Matha) 250ml

Tk 25

PRAN Premium Butter 100gm

Tk 90

Mithai Sweet & Sour Curd 1Kg

Tk 270

Mithai Sweet Curd 1Kg

Tk 270

Mithai Sour Curd 1Kg

Tk 195 Tk 175

Aptamil-4 700g

Tk 2200

Aptamil With Pronutra-3 700g

Tk 2200

Aptamil-3 700g

Tk 2200

Aptamil-2 700g

Tk 2590

Aptamil-1 700g

Tk 2590

Nestle Nidina Optipro -4 800g

Tk 2790

Nestle Nidina Optipro -3 800g

Tk 2790

Nestle Nidina Optipro -2 800g

Tk 2790

Nestle Nidina Optipro -1 800g

Tk 2790

Nido FCMP TIN 900gm

Tk 890

Nido FCMP BIB 700gm

Tk 510

Nido FCMP BIB 3 plus 370gm

Tk 350

DIPLOMA Instant Full Cream Milk Powder 500gm

Tk 310

PRAN MilkMan Slim Milk 1000ml liquid

Tk 120

PRAN Mango Flavored Milk 200ml

Tk 20


Milk, butter, and yogurt are known as dairy food. Milk is very much essential for human being. It contains almost all the vitamins. It is very much necessary for the development of our body. We get milk from cows. Milk is useful to a kid in many ways. We should drink milk every day. If somebody gets sick, we should give him milk every day along with medicine, he will be recovered soon and daily drinking a glass of milk will ensure his health regain. Women can get the energy of working drinking milk regularly. Men can get strength and stamina if they drink milk daily.

Students should drink milk every day. The first time you heard the word "butter" it is definite that you will think of your breakfast time. Bread and butter are the common breakfast items in both eastern and western countries of the world, recently, in our country; this tradition is becoming appreciated with remarkable notice. Butter is not only used for breakfast instead it is part and parcel in the bakeries and factories for baking foods. It is fresh, cream color and high protein and nutritious.

Milk is used to make many various foods. A huge amount of milk is used to make sweetmeats. Various cakes are made with milk. Milk is also used to make coffee and tea. Many people love to drink milk tea. Some people even like to eat rice with milk and banana. Milk is most favorable to a baby. Those babies who do not get mother's milk live on cow's milk. Many of our traditional Pitha (Cake) are made with milk. To make chocolates and candies milk is used.

Butter is made of fresh cow milk. After milking the cows, the fresh cream is collected from the milk and through a particular process butter is made. You can make butter at your home. But it is a long-term process, and if you are a truly busy person, you won't be able to spare out some time for making butter. You can buy them from different farms nearby your locality.

You'll also find them in local groceries and shops. If you wish to buy sitting at home and not to go out, then you have come to the right online store. Othoba.com has a massive collection of first quality dairy items. They are appropriately manufactured and fresh not stale like the one you usually find in the local market. Being the best online accessories store, Othoba.com is offering you to buy easy. So don't wait, grab it immediately.