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Food Additives

When we hear the term "Food Additives" at first, an impression comes to our mind that these things are not food items themselves. But they are some factors which are used to preserve food quality, essence, color and also for decoration. These substances are not directly eatable or appalling to mouth, but they make food items more appalling to our taste. It enhances the quality; they enrich the smell. They are being used since the old times.

The common example of food additive can be the use of vinegar for pickling fruits and vegetable. Pickle is a special kind of process to preserve raw fruits and vegetables' taste and food quality the same as the first for a long time. Vinegar is used in a pickle to maintain the taste and quality. Nowadays there are different kinds of food additives, used for different purposes in various food items. You can call for a vanilla essence which is used in some dessert items to make them tasty and give them a beautiful smell. Vanilla essence is used in pudding, faluda, ice-creams, cakes, doughnuts, brownies, pastries, etc. You can make custard with various seasonal fruits to serve your family as dessert or afternoon healthy snacks. For making custards, you need to use custard powder which is also a food additive. Custard powder is used to give the item a moist texture, refreshing smell. It also helps to set the fruits in the texture and gives a creamy look.

When you are making pudding, you need eggs which you are mixing raw with milk. Then making it set by the process of steaming. So you will feel a few raw eggs when it is set. But if you use a little amount of vanilla essence, the smell of egg will be reduced by a beautiful essence and also give an amazing flavor to your mouth. When you are making bread/cakes, you need to make them soft and fluffy so that they melt in your mouth. To ensure the soft and fluffiness, you can use a small amount of yeast to the texture. You can add different food additives in your making of ice-creams, puddings, cakes such as-strawberry, banana, vanilla, pineapple essences to give them the fruit smell you wish. And all these work well to make your dish mouth-watering, delicious and looking stunning.

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