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Ice Flask 3 Liter

Tk 425 Tk 404
5% OFF

Winner Metro Travel Flask 500ml

Tk 120 Tk 114
5% OFF

Winner 1.8 L Vacuum Flask Green

Tk 425 Tk 404
5% OFF

Royal Flask 1L

Tk 410 Tk 390
5% OFF

Crown Flask 1L

Tk 455 Tk 432
5% OFF

Crown Flask 1.8L

Tk 520 Tk 494
60% OFF

Smart Lock Container Rtg High 2000 ML Transparent 914060

Tk 145 Tk 58
60% OFF

Smart Lock Container RO Low 1400 ML Transparent 914015

Tk 115 Tk 46
60% OFF

Smart Lock Container RO Low 600 ML Transparent 914014

Tk 80 Tk 32
60% OFF

Smart Lock Container RO High 900 ML Transparent 914018

Tk 90 Tk 36
50% Off

Trim Container SQ-8500ML With Handle Transparent

Tk 138 Tk 69

Refrigerator Multifunctional Storage Box

Tk 715

Stainless Steel Salt Pot

Tk 150 Tk 100
10% OFF

Spice Box Red

Tk 80 Tk 72

Trim Container RTG Low 2000ML BB

Tk 100

Thai Jar 2L 925534 BB

Tk 75

Aqua Food Lock Container RTG 300 ML-BB

Tk 55

Una Jar 2L BB

Tk 75

Trim Container RTG Low 1000ML Tr BB

Tk 65

Trim Container RTG High 3000ML BB

Tk 110

Trim Container RTG 450ML Tr BB

Tk 40

Aqua Food Lock Container Rtg 850 ML BB

Tk 70

Aqua Food Lock Container Rtg 200 ML BB

Tk 45

Super Jar 2.5L BB

Tk 90

Aqua Food Lock Container RO 300 ML BB

Tk 50

Trim RTG Container 300ML BB

Tk 30

Ruby Oil Jar 450 ML

Tk 90

Pearl Vacuum Flask

Tk 460

Metal Body Vacuum Flask RBC-10 White

Tk 606

Metal Body Vacuum Flask RBC-10MS Black and Silver

Tk 610

Metal Body Vacuum Flask RAC-10 Ash

Tk 640

6405 Pur Milk Powder Container 3 Rack Green

Tk 375

6401 Pur Milk Powder Container White

Tk 200

6401 Pur Milk Powder Container Blue

Tk 200

6401 Pur Milk Powder Container SHQ00088

Tk 200

Elegant Vacuum Flask 1L

Tk 350

Una Jar 2.5L

Tk 90

Una Jar 2L

Tk 75

Thai Jar 2L

Tk 75

Grip Jar 2L

Tk 75

Super Jar 2.5L

Tk 90

Square Jar 2L

Tk 75

Storage Box PL530A IMP 864325

Tk 200

Plastic Bin Parts 13cm 1.20 IMP 860782

Tk 75

TEL Spice Box Blue 803383

Tk 80

Two Color Lock & Fresh Container Sq. 2350 ML

Tk 120

Two Color Lock & Fresh Container Sq. 1600 ML

Tk 115

Two Color Lock & Fresh Container Rtg 2600 ML

Tk 150


The name itself suggests its purpose. Storage is used to keep various foods like rice, lentils, oil etc. Both raw foods are cooked for can be stored here. You can keep raw foods for future use and to protect them from insects. You can keep cooked foods in it to take somewhere outside the home like in a picnic, and you also can store them in a refrigerator. Storage keeps your food safe from dust and dirt.

There are many types of storage available in the market. They may be of various models, designs and sizes. You should buy the exact one to meet your purpose. They may be big, small, medium, round shape, square shape, triangle shape etc. Some are transparent plastic, and some are not. You may choose any transparent storage to see what you have kept inside. You may buy various colour too to differentiate them.

Purchase any model of storage from Othoba.com in Bangladesh

Time was there when storage was made from low quality plastics. As a result, the bad smell came from it. People could not eat things those were reserved for that. Foods often got rotten. But days are changed now. Many companies like "RFL" are producing high-quality storage. These are being made with food grade plastic, and so people can buy these without any tension. Foods reserved for these will not damage foods rather these will be protected from getting rotten.

RFL has brought a revolutionary change in the plastic products world of Bangladesh. Other companies also are being bound to produce graded plastic products but as RFL is the pioneer and they are continuously developing in this sector so they are the best and will remain the best. They are producing unique models and also putting a very reasonable price tag on it so that you may buy these products from anywhere at the same rate.

You may buy RFL storage from here in Othoba.com. We have the most extensive collection of it. See our display and choose your favourite design, colour, and size they place an order; we will send the products in no time to your house. The price is fixed here, but we do offer certain discounts sometimes, suppose you may get 20% cash back if you pay through bKash. This is not a regular offer, but we avail it frequently. We wish you a very comfortable shopping.