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There is a saying a home is where we belong. A home is just not a living place rather it's a place where we share our lovely moments with our family. Home is the root of our family bond. Home ensures the safety of our near and dear ones. So, to keep the home safe means to keep your family safe, isn't it? Fire can be a significant threat to your home safety. Various reasons act behind spreading the fire in a house; it may occur from an electric short circuit, from gas cylinder blasting, and from simple fire accident too.

But a simple fire can turn into a big one within a few moments if any preventing method is not applied in proper time. It can bring havoc in your home, your valuable furniture, expensive electronics, valuable paper and maybe your near ones. You will face the loss of thousands of money, even if you do not care about money then do you not think about family safety?

If you are conscious about home safety, I would rather say bring some home safety tools like a fire extinguisher in your home. Though fire extinguisher is now seen in most of the factories and big buildings, many building owners do not give much importance to it. They do not even think what will happen and what they will do if fire sets out in their home. We should apply modern methods to get rid of the fire. Water cannot shut down a setting fire, rather oxygen in water helps the fire to take big shape and burn more.

Why fire extinguisher for home safety and how to buy?

A fire extinguisher is the latest technology to extinguish a rising fire in any place. For the safety of a home from a fire, it works fastest and best. It is also very easy to use, and you can keep it any place, but it is better to keep on an open place so that you can use it whenever it is necessary.

A fire extinguisher is available in many places. You may buy a fire extinguisher from a local shop as well as an online shop. If you want to shop online, then you must browse and see the fire extinguishers from online shops in Bangladesh like There are many models of a fire extinguisher in their home safety section.