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Rice is a kind of food-grain produced from paddy. Almost half of the people of the world live on rice. It is the staple food of the population of Bangladesh. Rice has a great use for us. We live on it. Besides, Khai, Chira, Muri, Cakes and many kinds of foods and food items are produced from rice. Rice is useful to us in many ways. Mothers make many kinds of Pitha using rice. We also can enjoy Polao, Biryani, etc. made with rice.

Many types of rice are available in Bangladesh. Some of the mentionable names are Basmati, Chinigura, Minicate, Nazirsail, etc. This rice can be used to make hundreds of food items, and the taste of the food items always is very yummy. People always seek for the actual rice, but many local sellers sell mixed rice they may mix some ordinary rice with Nazirsail, Minicate, etc. and thus cheat the customers. Customers cannot do anything in this sector except always searching for a good rice seller. As rice comes from the rice millers, so sellers can never assure quality rice that a customer desire. But you do not have to worry because a leading Bangladeshi company "PRAN" is producing high-quality rice and you may buy this rice from anywhere.

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Shopping grocery items have become a burden nowadays due to traffic jam and our busy schedule. People do not find enough time to go for daily grocery shopping including rice but this is an essential food, and we must buy it. To buy rice without any trouble, you can choose an online shop. can be the best for online rice shopping, because they provide quality products, gives reasonable price and delivery is very fast at the same time safe.