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Fashion Accessories

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Walkar Ladies Bag

Tk 1250

Ladies Genuine Leather Purse Black

Tk 899

Stylish Ladies Bag Maroon

Tk 490

Princess Hair Comb Radiant 9 By DPLS

Tk 15

Princess Hair Comb Radiant 6 By DPLS

Tk 20

Princess Hair Comb Radiant 7 By DPLS

Tk 20

Princess Hair Comb Radiant 12 By DPLS

Tk 15

Princess Hair Comb Radiant 3 By DPLS

Tk 20

Princess Hair Comb Radiant 8 By DPLS

Tk 20

Princess Hair Comb Radiant 10 By DPLS

Tk 20

Princes Mirror Pink

Tk 100

Unisex KAKA-923 Stylish Backpack Wallet

Tk 680

Kaka-923L Genuine Leather Unisex Wallet

Tk 725

Walkar Ladies Bag

Tk 1490

Walkar Ladies Bag

Tk 890

Unisex Kaka-99009 Stylish Backpack

Tk 1300

Unisex Tangcool TC728 Stylish Backpack Blue

Tk 2400

Unisex Tangcool TC728 Stylish Backpack

Tk 2400

Bange BG-63 Backpack

Tk 4100

BANGE BG-7078 New Backpack

Tk 3080

KAKA-2188 New Backpack Black

Tk 2300

Unisex Kaka-99011 Stylish Backpack Gray

Tk 1100

Unisex Kaka-2199-1 Stylish Backpack Blue

Tk 1200

Unisex Kaka-2199-1 Stylish Backpack

Tk 1200

Unisex Tangcool TC-729 Stylish Backpack

Tk 3200

Unisex Kaka 2050 Stylish Backpack

Tk 3400

Fashion Accessories

Is fashion only marked by trendy and up to dated stylish clothing? If your answer is yes, then girls you are very wrong. Try to open up your eyes and mind. Look around you. Style and includes everything that you wear, use and keep with you. Fashion limited only in clothing sector has long gone. You want to be fashionable following the modern trend, then you have to be stylish is all industry regarding your dress to regular accessories. But style does not mean you have to wear the same one and same color and type of clothes all in all which other modern girls are wearing. You can have your style and fashion. To follow the trend blindly is not fashion, doing something exceptional but cool which very many suits you is the fashion and style of your own.

Women fashion accessories are mainly their phone covers, pencil boxes, wallets, handbags, backpacks for school, college or campus of University life. Hair accessories like bands and clips, watches, water pots, jewelry can be regarded your fashion accessories. There are trendy leather backpacks for your regular campus use. You can have several numbers of book, wallet or purse, water bottle, and umbrella inside them. They are very stylish and comfortable for the use. Also, you can have cartoon bunny attached cotton backs if you want to remind your childhood. These bags are easily washable.

Get beautiful modern, exceptional wallet or purse. They can hold id cards, credit cards, coins, tissues, android phones, headphones, etc. To go for outing or get together or for any other reason, the side bags with long belt attachment are a preferable choice. For campus use or to go to any invitation or for traveling, have a fresh side bag with you. To make yourself more stylish, you can wear trendy, fashionable hair accessories and light pieces of jewelry like ear tops, simple ring, anklets, bracelets, chokers, etc.

You buy all these women fashion accessories from local supermarkets, cosmetics shops, gift shops and from mega stores. But the rate is high, and you are not ensured of the quality of the products. Well, here we are for your help.

Buy all kinds of fashion accessories from online shopping websites in Bangladesh Othoba.com which have their massive collection of stylish backpacks, side bags, wallet and purse, pieces of jewelry, hair accessories, etc. Find your desired one from Othoba.com and be fashionable.