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Rack & Stand

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Filter Stand 3 Part Pink TEL

Tk 600 Tk 516
14% Off

Queen Kitchen Rack 5 Step Red & White TEL

Tk 1500 Tk 1290
14% Off

Queen Kitchen Rack 4 Step Red & White TEL

Tk 1250 Tk 1075
14% Off

Freeze Stand With Stopper Black TEL

Tk 380 Tk 327
14% Off

Water Filter Stand Red

Tk 420 Tk 361
14% Off

Love Rack Red White TEL

Tk 550 Tk 473
14% Off

3 Part Filter Stand Red TEL

Tk 600 Tk 516
14% Off

TEL Classic Filter Stand Violet

Tk 700 Tk 602
14% Off

3 Part Filter Stand Voilet TEL

Tk 600 Tk 516
5% Off

Oven Shelf OSH-202-2-1-66

Tk 6000 Tk 5700
0.00% EMI Starts at Tk 475 / month
5% Off

Oven Shelf OSH-201-2-1-66

Tk 5650 Tk 5368
0.00% EMI Starts at Tk 447.33 / month
5% Off

Regal Oven Shelf OSH-204-2-1-66

Tk 6250 Tk 5938
0.00% EMI Starts at Tk 494.83 / month

Royal Kitchen Rack 5 Step Blue

Tk 2000

4 Step Lotus Fence Rack Two Color Blue

Tk 850

Smart Kitchen Rack Mini Eagle Brown

Tk 465

Sunflower Glass Stand Light Pink

Tk 110

Heart Glass Stand Light Pink

Tk 200

Glass Stand Red

Tk 100

Flower Glass Stand Light Blue

Tk 110

Ball Glass Stand Light Pink

Tk 225

Flower Glass Stand

Tk 110

Royal Kitchen Shelf Medium (Basic) Red

Tk 4800

Dish Rack SM Blue

Tk 395

4 Step Round Rack SM Blue

Tk 485

Round Mini Rack Red and White

Tk 175

Standard Mini Rack Red & White

Tk 180

Lion Fence Rack 4 Step Two Color

Tk 1350

Two Color 4 Step Popular Rack

Tk 535

Standard Kitchen Rack 5 Step Red & White

Tk 2000

Standard Kitchen Rack 5 Step Red

Tk 2000

Standard Deluxe Rack 5 Step-Red & White

Tk 1850

Premium Kitchen Rack- 5 Step-Red

Tk 2150

Famous Rack Red & White

Tk 580

Love Rack Red & Black

Tk 470

Shoe Rack Red

Tk 400

4 Step Shoe Rack Red

Tk 490

Smart Kitchen Rack Mini

Tk 465

Style Fence Rack 4 Step Red & White

Tk 850

Popular Deluxe Rack 5 Step-Red & White

Tk 1625

Decent Rack White & Deep Pink

Tk 575

Two Color Decent Rack

Tk 575

4 Step Lotus Fence Rack Two Color

Tk 850

Tulip Fence Rack 4 Step

Tk 850

4 Step Beauty Rack SM Blue

Tk 500

4 Step Classic Rack Red 95647

Tk 700

4 Step Classic Rack SM Blue 95646

Tk 700

Two Color 4 Step Beauty Rack

Tk 550

Rack 4 Step Corner SM Blue

Tk 550

Rack & Stand

The name itself suggests its purpose. The rack is used to keep various foods like potatoes, lentils, etc. in a kitchen. Any foods can be stored here. A rack keeps your food safe from dust and dirt. It also organizes your foods very nicely. A stand is essential for keeping glasses on the dining table organized. Racks are used for holding clothes by many people, but in a kitchen, it is being used most.

It can keep the vegetables organized. You can keep those vegetables here that do not need to be kept in a refrigerator and can always get them handy. There are many types of racks available in the market. They may be of various models, designs and sizes. You should buy the exact one to meet your purpose. They may be big, small, medium, round shape, square shape, etc. You may buy various color too to bring a different look.

Buying rack and stand online from Othoba.com

Time was there when racks and stands were made from low quality plastics. As a result, these did not last long. People could not use them for a long time. Foods often fall from them. But days are changed now. Many companies like "RFL" is producing high-quality products. These are being made with good plastic, and so people can buy these without any tension. Foods reserved for these will not damage foods instead these will be protected from getting scattered. RFL has brought a revolutionary change in the plastic products world of Bangladesh. Other companies also are being bound to produce graded plastic products but as RFL is the pioneer and they are continuously developing in this sector so they are the best and will remain the best.

They are producing unique models and also putting a very reasonable price tag on it so that you may buy these products from anywhere at the same rate. You may purchase RFL racks and stands from here on best online accessories store Othoba.com. We have the largest collection of it. See our display and choose your favorite design, color, and size they place an order; we will send the products in no time to your house. The price is fixed here, but we do offer certain discounts sometimes, suppose you may get 20% cash back if you pay through bKash. It is not a regular offer, but we avail it frequently. We wish you a very comfortable shopping.