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VISION Rice cooker 1.0 ltr 100 SS Blue (Single Pot)

Tk 1750

VISION Rice cooker 1.0 ltr 100 SS Red (Single Pot)

Tk 2050

Vision Rice Cooker Standard 1.8 Ltr Pink

Tk 2050

Vision Open Type Rice Cooker 2.2 Ltr

Tk 2450

Vision Induction Cooker VSN1204(Border)

Tk 3800

Vision Induction Cooker VSN1200 (Lotas)

Tk 3200

Vision Induction Cooker(VSN1202A)

Tk 2900

Vigo Infrared Cooker (VIG-16A7)

Tk 3280

Vigo Rice Cooker 1.8 L Red Two Pot

Tk 2250

Vision Infrared Cooker 40A3 HiLife

Tk 3600

Vision Infrared Cooker 30A3 Smart Cook

Tk 3200

Vision Open Type Rice Cooker 1.8 Ltr

Tk 1980

Infrared Cooker VIGO-INFV16A3

Tk 3280

Philips HD 4920 Induction Cooktop 1500 Watt Black

Tk 5704 Tk 5500

Vision Open Type Rice Cooker 1.8 Ltr BB801553

Tk 2380 Tk 2160

RFL Cooking Range 4CR

Tk 50500
0% EMI Starts at Tk 4208.33 / month

RFL Cooking Range 5CR

Tk 62000
0% EMI Starts at Tk 5166.67 / month

Radiant Cooker 2000WB

Tk 3850

Radiant Cooker 2000WS

Tk 3500

Vision Infrared Cooker (VSN-22C2)

Tk 3500

Vision Infrared Cooker (VSN-20A7)

Tk 3280

Vision Infrared Cooker (VSN-20A3)

Tk 3280

ViGO Rice Cooker 2.8 L 60-04

Tk 2720

Vision Rice cooker VSNRC-40-08 Silver 3L SS

Tk 2830

VISION Rice Cooker 1.8 L Elegant (Red) Two Pot VE

Tk 2900

Vision Rice Cooker 1.8 L Elegant (Blue) Two Pot VE

Tk 2900

Philips 2.2L Daily Collection Rice Cooker HL1664/00

Tk 4325 Tk 3500

Vision Double Burner Cooker VSN1205 (Intelligent)

Tk 12000

Kooks Rice Cooker 1.8L Double Pot (700W)

Tk 2250

Automatic National Rice Cooker 2.8 ltr Double SS Pot With Glass Lid

Tk 2890


A cooker is a blessing for our cooking. Cooking was never easy before the invention of cooking. Now everyone can cook with the help of a cooker. The invention of various kind of cooker has made cooking a fun plaything. Mother’s do not complain about gas or oil problem because they have got various types of a cooker. Various kind of cooker is being used nowadays. We see rice cooker for cooking rice, curry cooker for cooking curry, etc. Cooking was never as simple as now is only because of the invention of a cooker.

Various types of cooker are available now in Bangladesh but getting them on the common market is tough because the local shop owner does not keep all types of the cooker in their shop. Buying a single cooker searching a wholesale market can be toilsome. Why would you take that pain when you have Othoba.com in your country? Thinking about their customers benefit Othoba.com has added all types of the cooker in their cooker section. You can check the website and know by yourself what they have for you!

A rice cooker and a curry cooker can help you to cook and eat anytime. A cooker saves valuable time while you do not have to spend much time for cooking. Do your daily cooking by various cooker and see how easy your life becomes. Buy electric and manual cookers by brands Hitachi, Miyako, Novena, Panasonic, Philips, RFL, Shimizu, Vigo, Vision and much more.

Buy cooker online from Othoba.com in Bangladesh

Make your favorite rice and curry using a cooker. With the help of rice cooker and curry cook, you can enjoy any platter at home quicker as you can cook anything with this. Shop for a cooker like Panasonic, Philips, RFL, Shimizu, Vigo, Vision and other models and avail amazing discounts at here. Get desirable and sleek cookers form simplified cooker extracting at our online store. In this website, you may buy your cooker from various sellers.

If you go to Othoba.com’s cooker section, you will find some sellers listed on the left side of the web page. You can buy cookers directly from them. They give certain offers in the purchase. We have a warranty on our cookers. They are very high-quality products. So if you need one and want to buy from online, then you can buy it from our e-commerce website which is the most significant online shop in Bangladesh.