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Electric Kettle

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VISION E. Kettle 2.3L VIS-EK-011

Tk 1400 Tk 1330
5% Off

VISION E. Kettle 1.8L VIS-EK-010

Tk 1220 Tk 1159
5% Off

VISION E. Kettle 2.0L VIS-EK-009 Pink

Tk 1220 Tk 1159
5% Off

Vision Electronic Kettle 1.8L VIS-EK-006

Tk 1250 Tk 1188

Pigeon Electric Kettle 1.5-Litre (Multicolor) SAP-12466

Tk 1070

ViGO E. Kettle 1.8L VIG-EK-010 (Double Wall)

Tk 1220

Vigo Electronic Kettle 1.8L VIG-EK-005

Tk 1190

Vigo Electric Kettle 2.0L VGO-2017

Tk 1220

ViGO Electric Kettle 1.8L VIG-EK-005 SS

Tk 850

Electric Kettle is an essential part of any kitchen. It is different from traditional kettles. It converts the electrical energy into heat energy for boiling the water. So, you do not need to expend extra money for boiling water. Electric kettles are fashionable and add beauty to your kitchen. It takes little space of your kitchen than other appliances. It is faster than other traditional Kettles. Imagine that your guests are waiting in your guest room, you suppose to offer them tea, but they are in a hurry to leave. How can you offer them tea in a short time? An electric kettle is the only solution for this type of problem. They use a less amount of electricity, so you don't need to be worried about the electric bill.

There are many types of electric kettle with variations of features available in the market. Most of them have advanced heating technology, auto shut-off, temperature controlling system and timer set up system. Electric kettles take less time to boil water than the traditional kettles. You can use them for various purposes as they save your time a lot. As electric kettles are a lightweight, you can carry them with you everywhere. So, isn’t it enough for buying an electric kettle for your kitchen? Visit Othoba.com to find the extensive collection of electric kettle price.

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At Othoba.com, the largest online shop in Bangladesh, you will find a vast range of electric kettles of different brands. Electric kettles are also available in every local market, but you will find it difficult to find the original and branded electric kettles. We are representing the products of Miyako, Novena, Philips, Shimizu, and VISION as they never compromise on the quality of their products. They also provide an excellent warranty of their durable products. So, at Othoba.com you are not bound in just one brand. Now, if you are worried about price, let's make you sure that Othoba.com has products of different price range which is affordable for you and we provide the special discount in many products. We give you the colour choice option also. Othoba.com has a reputation of selling original products to their customers. So, if you are thinking of replacing your old traditional kettle and thinking of buying an electric kettle, Othoba.com is the best place for you. Visit Othoba.com and buy your desired branded electric kettle.