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Cutlery is called the hard tools that are used in preparing, serving or eating dishes or food items. In western countries, the tools include cutlery are spoons, forks and knives. In our country cutlery means especially different types of spoons for serving food and especially knives for cutting vegetables and other ingredients in different shapes.

First cutlery item is different types of spoons. We use a kind of spoons for serving rice. For making curries, we use special kind of spoons. For juicy vegetables and items, we use different types and shapes of a soup spoon. For serving pulse, a spoon with depth is used. To serve fries and dry things, we use normal spoons. Small spoons are used to measure different food ingredients. They can be found as a whole set. It contains six or more than six teaspoons. To feed your baby, special kind of baby soup spoons is used so that the food items do not fall from the spoon. For nonstick cookware, we use wooden spoons to keep the nonstick items from getting damaged. Otherwise, the non-stickiness will be damaged and the actual purpose of using them won't be fulfilled. For kids, there is a special type of spoon, and fry spoons usually have holes in them so the extra oil can slip back to the fry or saucepan.

The second item is different types of forks. You can use special kind of forks for your babies to feed them cut piece fruits. You can also use various plastics forks for your eating. Forks are used to hold the more solid food firmly, then cut and eat. The third item is knives. You use knives for cutting vegetables, fishes, meats, onions, chillies, coriander etc. Some knives are used to cut fruits or deserts. Some are for a very special purpose like cutting fruits or vegetables or salad ingredients in specific designs. As knives come, then we should also know that chopping boards are also in this category. You put the vegetables on the chopping board and cut with knives as you wish. The chopping board is two types.

They are Plastic or wooden. Chefs use some special kinds of knives, and usually, their chopping boards are little big than households. Exciting but essential lemon squeezer for easily squeezing the juice out of lemon is also here. Do you want to buy all these items? You can have them at kitchen accessories online shopping hub We are offering you home delivery too. Buy every type of cutlery from here.