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১০৳ ছাড়

All time Milk Bread 325gm

Tk 45 Tk 35
১৫৳ ছাড়

All Time Milk Bread 650gm

Tk 80 Tk 65

All Time Sandwich Bread 700gm

Tk 70

Pran All Time Ruti 240gm

Tk 25

All Time Bread 350gm

Tk 40

All Time Honey Comb

Tk 15

Mithai Silver Box

Tk 400

Mithai Gold Box

Tk 480

Mithai Dry Roshgolla 1kg

Tk 375

Mithai Kacha Sondesh 1Kg For Sylhet Area

Tk 550

Mithai Hafshi Shondesh For Sylhet Area

Tk 600

Mithai Cream Jam 1kg For Sylhet Area

Tk 360

CBL Munchee Nice Biscuits 94gm

Tk 30

CBL Munchee Vanilla Wafer Biscuits 100gm

Tk 60

Goldmark 6 to 9 Vegetable Crackers 170gm

Tk 50

Mithai Cream Jam 1kg

Tk 425

Mithai Vogsagor 1 kg

Tk 675

Bisk Club Lexus Biscuit

Tk 100

Mithai Hafshi Shondesh

Tk 625

Danish Lexus Biscuit 240 gm

Tk 100

Mithai Kacha Sondesh 1Kg

Tk 595
15Tk Off

Black Forest Pastry 50gm And Mini Pizza 110gm Combo For Sylhet Metro

Tk 135 Tk 120
15Tk Off

Black Forest Pastry 50gm And Mini Pizza 110gm Combo For Chittagong Area

Tk 135 Tk 120
15Tk Off

Black Forest Pastry 50gm And Mini Pizza 110gm Combo

Tk 135 Tk 120
20% Off

Mexican Club Burger

Tk 110 Tk 88
20% Off

Mexican Sub Sandwich

Tk 140 Tk 112
৩০৳ ছাড়

Mayonnaise 475 ml

Tk 200 Tk 170
25Tk Off

Saffola Honey 500gm

Tk 375 Tk 350
10TK Off

Saffola Honey 250gm

Tk 200 Tk 190
৫০৳ ছাড়

Hosen Pure Honey 400gm

Tk 385 Tk 335
৭০৳ ছাড়

Hosen Pure Honey 500gm

Tk 440 Tk 370
20% Off

Mexican Shawarma

Tk 110 Tk 88
20% Off

Mexican Mini Burger

Tk 80 Tk 64
20% Off

Mexican Mini Burger 4pcs Combo

Tk 320 Tk 256

Mithai Butter Bun 1 Pcs

Tk 30

Mithai Lemon Bun 4 Pcs

Tk 60

Mithai Burger Bun 4 Pcs

Tk 60

Add-on (2pc Chicken Fry & Drinks)

Tk 270

Add-on (1pc Chicken Fry & Drinks)

Tk 185

Fried Chicken Burger

Tk 200

Chicken Wrap Regular

Tk 149

Chicken Popcorn

Tk 190

Fish & Chips

Tk 250

Add-on (Fries & Drinks)

Tk 90

15pcs Chicken Fry

Tk 1390

5pcs Chicken Fry

Tk 470

3pcs Chicken Fry

Tk 285

Mexican Club Burger For Sylhet Metro

Tk 110

Bread and bakery include all the items that produce a bakery. Bread and biscuits are their main selling foods. Some other mentionable bakery products are Halwa, Laddu, Mistanno, Cakes, Patties, Chicken Puff, Chilli Chicken Roll, Donut, Pastry, Wafer, Cookies, Snacks, Jam and Jelly, etc.

Bread, biscuits, sweetmeats, cakes, desserts, cookies all these are daily light meals for us. Children love to eat snacks. Seniors also eat bread and bakery made foods for breakfast and evening snacks. We can entertain our guests with Halwa, Laddu, Cakes, and cookies, etc. Students can eat bakery foods during their study break. Bread, Jam & Jelly can be perfect for breakfast, and it has become common for the town people to eat bread and jelly for breakfast.  Kids sometimes want to eat something; mothers can quickly provide them with some sweetmeats, biscuits or bread. Various types are cookies and bread is available in Bangladesh. These foods are also great to take in a relative’s house.

Various bakeries produce many types of biscuits and bread. Many pieces of bread and biscuits made by numerous local bakeries throughout the country. They often do not maintain any food quality. BSTI does not even approve many of them. As a result, people often get sick eating those unhealthy bakery foods. There are many branded confectionery company too in Bangladesh. PRAN Agro, PRAN Foods, Tasty Treat, Wonder, Bango Bakeries, Bango Millers, Cocola Food Products, Cow & Gate, Danish Condensed Milk BD Limited, Haque Brothers, Mithai, Olympic Industries Limited, etc. are mentionable. These companies are well-known to the people of Bangladesh, and they produce quality food items.

Go for branded Bread and Bakery

The modern world is a world of branding, but branding is not an easy thing. Many things are related to the branding of products including maintaining the quality of goods, making it tasty and healthy, keeping the price reasonable, etc. Some local bakeries just make food products but they do not think about all these, they just think about their profit and use cheap raw materials to make bread and biscuits. They are the money-minded businessmen, but you should think before buying that cheap food because foods have a direct impact on your body. Fortunately, we are here as an online bakery shop to serve you best products on timely delivery.

Do not eat food that is kept and sold beside streets rather buy some healthy foods like Cocola Biscuits Champion, Danish Lexus Biscuits, Haque Digestive Biscuits, PRAN Fit Milk Crackers, PRAN Mama Creamy Crunch, etc. You can buy these foods from online shopping in Dhaka at Othoba.com with fastest delivery.