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Flash Drive/Memory/RAM

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Walton SSD WSD2280X4480

Tk 6750
0% EMI Starts at Tk 562.50 / month

Walton SSD WSD2280X4240

Tk 3685

Apacer AH353 64GB USB.3.1 Gen 1 Black Pen Drive

Tk 1850 Tk 1100

Apacer AH25B 64GB USB 3.1 Gen 1 Streamline Red & Black Pen Drive

Tk 1850 Tk 1100

Apacer AH25B 32GB USB 3.1 Gen 1 Streamline Red & Black Pen Drive

Tk 1160 Tk 700

Apacer AH353 32GB USB.3.1 Gen 1 Flash Drive Champagne Gold

Tk 1160 Tk 700

Apacer AH180 USB 3.1 Type-C 32GB Mobile Flash Drive Red

Tk 1850 Tk 1100

Walton SSD WSD257MSA480

Tk 4950

Walton RAM WDR4L0426NN1

Tk 2400

Walton RAM WDR4L0424NN1

Tk 2300

Walton Micro SD Card 128 GB WSD12801

Tk 1690

Walton Micro SD Card 64 GB WSD06401

Tk 850

Walton Micro SD Card 32 GB WSD03201

Tk 595

Walton Micro SD Card 16 GB WSD01601

Tk 435

Walton Pendrive 64 GB WC3064P015

Tk 1250

Walton Pendrive 64 GB WU2064P014

Tk 850

Walton Pendrive 32GB WC3032P015

Tk 850

Walton Pendrive 32GB WC3032P030

Tk 835

Walton Pendrive 32GB USB 3

Tk 790

Walton Pendrive 32GB USB 3

Tk 695

HoCo Pen Derive 16GB

Call 09613-800 800 for price

Flash drive/Memory/RAM

Flash drives like pen drive is very much necessary for data transferring from one computer to another. These drives are small but very much helpful when we need to share data from one computer to another. If also offer the facility to share files with a mobile. We can take files from a mobile or send files to a mobile a using an OTG cable and Memory card. There was a time when only very few files could be shared from a computer via floppy disk but those days are gone by now.

We can share gigabytes of data via many means including a flash drive. Though we can use many wireless methods to transfer files among computers, it has certain restrictions like we cannot share files from a distant place. We can use the Internet to share files, but it is not appropriate for bigger files as it often has files sharing limitations. So, if we want to share bigger files flash drives are the only way for using.

Flash drives are much upgraded nowadays. We can transfer many bigger size files within minutes. USB 3.00 flash drives are capable of moving data in 100 MB per second speed. As a result sharing big files is not a problem anymore. Another good news is that many high capacity flash drives are available in the market and so we can share many big files like bigger size games on a single flash drive. The price of these drives is also meagre.

Now, you can buy a USB 3.00 32 GB pen drive in about 1000 taka. Most of the drives also come with a warranty, so you do not have to worry about their durability. Many flash drives come with products lifetime guarantee that means you can get products replaced anytime until the products are available in the market under certain conditions.

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