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Freyias Milk Peeling Weekly Face Wash 100ml

Tk 225

Freyias Aloe Vera Peeling Weekly Face Wash 100ml

Tk 225

Lanbena Hyaluronic Acid Serum 15ml

Tk 450

Snail Truecica Miracal Repair Serum 50ml

Tk 1900

Lanbena Blueberry Clay Mask

Tk 450

Bioaqua Rose Petals Toner 250ml

Tk 650

Laikou Camomile Facial Exfoliator 120gm

Tk 550

Thanaka White Glow Face Pack 350ml

Tk 750

Freyias Weekly Peeling Aloe Vera FaceWash 100ml

Tk 300

Freyias Weekly Peeling Milk FaceWash 100ml

Tk 300

24K Goldzan Serum-100ml

Tk 518

Rorec White Rice Serum-15ml

Tk 322

Dr. Rashel White Skin Fade Spots Night Serum-50ml

Tk 633

Covercoco London Luxury 24k Gold Ampoule serum 30ml

Tk 460

Himalaya Face Wash Neem 100 ml

Tk 185

Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin 80gm

Tk 210

Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin 50gm

Tk 115

Axe Dark Temptation Body Spray 150ml

Tk 225

Ponds Daily Face Wash 100gm

Tk 140

Axe Body Spray Black 150ml

Tk 225

Axe Body Spray You 150ml

Tk 225

Fair & Lovely Ayurbedik 25gm

Tk 65

Fair & Lovely Ayurbedik 50gm

Tk 120

Beauty Formulas Charcoal Nose Pore Strips

Tk 300

Tea Tree Nose Pore Strip

Tk 288

Lanbena Mung Bean Clay Mask

Tk 350

Bioaqua Facial Mask -5 Pcs

Tk 100

Bioaqua Blackhead Remove Mask-60g

Tk 344

Aloe Vera & Gold Mask Single Pc

Tk 200

Aloe Vera & Gold Mask 10 Pcs Pack

Tk 2000

Aloe Vera & Gold Mask 5 Pcs Pack

Tk 1000

Aloe Vera & Gold Mask 3 Pcs Pack

Tk 600

Dabur Gulab Jal 120ml

Tk 90

Revive Brightening Face Wash 100 ml

Tk 115

Revive Brightening Face Wash 100 ml

Tk 115

Lanbena Blueberry Clay Mask 50gm

Tk 334

Lanbena Mung Bean Clay Mask-50gm

Tk 334

Dabur Gulabari Rose Water 120ml

Tk 53.57

The Body Shop SeaWeed Oil Balancing Toner- 250ml

Tk 1500

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash 250ml

Tk 1093

Garnier Light Complete Cream Local 23gm

Tk 90

Garnier Light Complete Cream Local 45gm

Tk 170

Dubdubi Magic Seaweed Mask-280g

Tk 1035

Bioaqua Activated Blackhead Removal Bamboo Charcoal Black Mask-60g

Tk 344

Garnier Pure Active Face Wash 50g Local

Tk 80

Himalaya Face Wash Lemon 100ml

Tk 240

Vita-C Whitening Perfect Night Cream

Tk 1200

Fair & Lovely Adv. Multi Vitamin Cream 100gm

Tk 230