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২৫৳ ছাড়

PRAN Metro Rice Bran Oil 2ltr

Tk 285 Tk 260
১৫৳ ছাড়

PRAN Mustard Oil 500ml

Tk 115 Tk 100
২০৳ ছাড়

PRAN Mustard Oil 1000ml

Tk 215 Tk 195
৫০৳ ছাড়

PRAN Soyabean Oil 5ltr

Tk 580 Tk 530

Soybean Oil 1000 ml

Tk 120

PRAN Soyabean Oil 2ltr

Tk 250

PRAN Mustard Oil 250ml

Tk 60
১৫৳ ছাড়

PRAN Metro Rice Bran oil 1 Liter

Tk 148 Tk 133
১০০৳ ছাড়

Sunflower oil 3 ltr

Tk 650 Tk 550

Embajador Olive Oil 150ml

Tk 336

Embajador Olive Oil 300ml

Tk 540

Olive Jaitun Oil 200ml

Tk 300

Mustard Oil (সরিষার তেল) 1 Litre

Tk 240

Saffola Active Edible Oil 4 Litre

Tk 750

Sesame Oil (তিলের তেল) 95 gm

Tk 100

Mustard Oil (সরিষার তেল) 400 gm

Tk 110

Mustard Oil (সরিষার তেল) 1000 gm

Tk 245

Tiler Tel (তিলের তেল) 150gm

Tk 140

Gowala Mustard Oil 500 ml

Tk 130

Nabanna Premium Mustard Oil 500ml

Tk 115

Nabanna Premium Mustard Oil 250ml

Tk 60

Nabanna Premium Mustard Oil 80ml

Tk 25

Nigella Sativa Oil 150gm

Tk 555

Nigella Sativa Oil 95gm

Tk 350

Black Seed Oil (কালোজিরার তেল) 150gm

Tk 365

Black Seed Oil (কালোজিরার তেল) 95gm

Tk 230

জয়তুনের তেল (এক্সট্রা ভার্জিন) ৩০০ মিলি.

Tk 300

নিমের তেল ১০০ মিলি.

Tk 120

নিমের তেল ৫০ মিলি.

Tk 65

তিলের তেল ১০০ মিলি.

Tk 50

কালোজিরার তেল ১০০ মিলি.

Tk 170

সরিষার তেল ৯৭০ মিলি.

Tk 200

সরিষার তেল ৫০০ মিলি.

Tk 100

সরিষার তেল ২০০ মিলি.

Tk 55

Green Harvest Peanut Oil 100ml GROL1511 (বাদাম তেল)

Tk 120

Green Harvest Flax Seed Oil 100ml GROL1510 (তিশির তেল)

Tk 150

Green Harvest Neam Oil 100ml GROL1509 (নিমের তেল)

Tk 150

Green Harvest Sesame Oil 100ml GROL1508 (তিলের তেল)

Tk 120

Green Harvest Mustard Oil 500ml GROL1516 (সরিষার তেল)

Tk 110

Green Harvest Black Seed Oil 100ml GROL1502 (কালোজিরা তেল)

Tk 250

Green Harvest Olive Oil 100ml GROL1501 (জলপাই তেল)

Tk 120

Ahmed Mustrad Oil 1000ml

Tk 220

Ahmed Mustrad Oil 500ml

Tk 115

Ahmed Mustrad Oil 200ml

Tk 50

Ahmed Mustrad Oil 85ml

Tk 25

Black Pepper Oil ( কালোজিরার তেল ) 200ml

Tk 300

Black Pepper Oil ( কালোজিরার তেল ) 100ml

Tk 150

Black Seed Oil 100gm

Tk 190

Oil is one of the essential ingredients to cook our daily lunch and dinner. Without it, no food taste well. Fast food makers use a lot of oil to cook foods. Women use oils to cook curry. We cannot think of taste curry without oil. Ghee is also used to cook food. It is used to cook enriched food menu. For cooking fries, we use oil and ghee. Foods that are cooked using oil taste so yummy. Rice, Polao, Biryani, etc. are made with oils. Some people made these with ghee also. Coconut oil is used in the skin by many people of Bangladesh. It keeps the skin smooth and does not let it dry. Mustard oil is used to make certain curry and mashed potatoes. In Bangladesh "Sorshe Ilish" is a traditional curry that is made with mustard oil and Hilsha fish. Some people like to eat rice with ghee and smashed potatoes with mustard oil.

Oil and ghee are mainly fat categories of foods. It meets the necessity of fat in our body. Fat makes our body smooth and glowing. But excessive fat can bring many diseases in our body so we should eat proportionate oil and ghee in our foods.

Be careful about buying oil and ghee in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, we see many types of available oil and ghee. In the open market also there are many qualities of oil and ghee. You will see them at a various price range. Looking them, you can easily understand their quality. And if you can make ghee at home, it is far better but if you cannot please just do not eat the cheap ghee that is available on the market. Rather search for oil and ghee from a trusted shop and a reliable brand. Many branded oil and ghee are available in Bangladesh. PRAN Dairy, ACI Limited, Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited, Green Food Products, Natore Agro, Square Toiletries, all these companies produce pure oil and ghee.

Some brands are PRAN Kernel Sunflower, PRAN Mustard Oil, PRAN Premium Ghee, Green Food Black Cumin Oil, Jui Pure Coconut Oil, PRAN Rice bran oil, Teer Soyabean Oil, ACI Nutrilife Rice bran, Rupchanda Soyabean Oil, etc. You can buy these branded oil and ghee from any grocery store in Bangladesh. People are dumbfounded where to buy ghee online. If you want to save your valuable time and do not want to take any burden of grocery shopping, then you can buy these from Bangladeshi online shop - Othoba.com.