The first time we hear the word "Yogurt" in our ears something yummy, moist, sweet, cold desert item pops up in our mind. Well, yogurt is a common and delicious food item. It is mainly used as Deshi desert in our houses. It is made from cow or goat milk. It is delightful to the taste. It helps us in our digestion process and served cold yogurt cools down your body temperature naturally.

Yogurt can be of different types. It is mainly two kinds. They are sour and sweet. In our country, people usually eat sweet yogurt usually. Sweet yogurt is a must item in any occasions. Especially a marriage anniversary and any invitation program will be incomplete and tasteless without having yogurt after the meal. But this does not mean there is no use of sour yogurt. It is equally important for special food items. Sweet one is eaten as dessert after a high meal.

It is also used in Lassi, a popular deshi drink with the combination of milk, sugar, lemon juice and a bit of salt. Another use of this is the item "Faluda" and "custard". On the other hand, the sour curd is used for marinating meats all over the country. It is also used in the making of some "Mughlai" biriyani items. You use them also in the making of famous roasts, alias, Rajala's, Paturis, deshi and foreign masala items. Nowadays, it is being used in the salad items as "dressing". Borhani, lassi, doi Fuchka and doi bora are made out of sour yogurt.

Though sweet yogurt is most popular among people, every one of them cannot enjoy them at a certain age because of high pressure, diabetes, acidity and gastric problems. Sour one helps to reduce fat and cholesterol from our body. It makes you fit and gives a smooth glowing skin. Now special diabetes and low-fat yogurts are available in the market for cholesterol, high pressure and diabetes persons. You can buy and enjoy them.

Where will you find all these special yogurts along with the common sweet ones?

You can buy them from sweetmeat shops. Some hawkers sell homemade sweet and sour yogurt by retailing. Or else you can make them at home. But it takes more than 12 hours to set. So want to buy readymade with a good quality? Othoba.com can be a reliable source in this regard. You can buy easily from here and enjoy healthy yogurt.