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10pcs High Quality HUDA BEAUTY Brush Set

Tk 1440

11Pcs Professional Bamboo Makeup Brush Set

Tk 950

11Pcs Professional Bamboo Makeup Brush Set SMC00262

Tk 880

7pcs Diamond Cosmetic Rose Gold Brush set

Tk 1260

7pcs pink blue Diamond Makeup Brushes Set

Tk 1260

7pcs Pink Diamond Makeup Brush Set silver Makeup Brush set

Tk 1260

7pcs, Foundation Brush Sets, Thread Brushes, Spiral purpel brush set

Tk 1260

Anastasia Curved Makeup Face Brush

Tk 315

Beauty Blender

Tk 300 Tk 240

Beauty Formulas Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Facial Sponge PAL000539

Tk 400

Body Shop Eye Shadow Brush

Tk 900

Foundation Blender Sponge

Tk 200

HUDA BEAUTY Curved Makeup Face Brush

Tk 315

Iope Brush Set 12Pcs

Tk 1125

IOPE Brush Set 7pcs

Tk 765

KYLIE 10pcs Oval Brush Set

Tk 1440

Kylie Makeup Brush Set 12Pcs

Tk 1250

KYLIE Makeup Brushes Set 12 pcs

Tk 1160

Mac Professional Cosmetics 9Pcs Makeup Brush Set

Tk 1700

MAC Professional Cosmetics 9pcs Makeup Brush Set SMC00257

Tk 1600

Makeup Sponge

Tk 180 Tk 144

Morphe 12pcs Brush Makeup Set

Tk 1233

Naked 3 Power Brush Makeup Brush Set 12Pcs

Tk 1200

Naked3 Makeup Brush Set 12 Pieces

Tk 1090

Nars High quality Brushes Set 10 Pieces

Tk 2700

NARS High Quality Brushes Set 10pcs

Tk 2700

Powder Brush

Tk 300 Tk 240

Real Techniques Core Collection Kit

Tk 1520

Real Techniques Core Collection Kit 4Pcs

Tk 1600

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection 3Pcs

Tk 1600

Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection

Tk 1615

Superdrug Slatwall Sponge Beige UK

Tk 220

Superdrug Slatwall Sponge Dark Purple UK

Tk 220

Superdrug Slatwall Sponge Pale Blue UK

Tk 220

Superdrug Slatwall Sponge Pale Green UK

Tk 220

Superdrug Slatwall Sponge Pale Pink

Tk 220

Technic Foundation Blending Sponge PAL000388

Tk 240

The Body Shop Blusher Brush

Tk 960

The Body Shop Foundation Brush

Tk 960

The Body Shop Makeup Brush

Tk 1280

Basin Brush 280 34207 IMP

Tk 65

Makeup Accessories

Women love to do makeup. There are separate makeup kits for eyebrows, eyes, eyelashes, cheeks, lips, nose, etc. We girls, usually use eyebrow pencils, eyeshadows, eyelash curlers, eyeliners, kajal, mascara, etc. for decorating our eyes. But it is essential to notice that not every brush or applicator is suitable for applying different items of makeup on your eyes. Eyebrow pencils are used to draw eyebrow line beautifully. A particular kind of brush is used to blend the pencil drawing within the brows. This brush is only made for this purpose. Mascara brushes are different from eyeliner brushes.

Eyeliner brushes are very thin, and they draw lines very thinly. Mascara brushes are thick and vary from lashes as upper lashes need a volume one, but lower lashes need a less volume one. Again you should use different eyeshadow brushes and blenders to apply shadows. You should not use only one for every shade because if you do so, your shades will get mixed up.

You use different brushes to highlight your cheekbones. Blushes are applied by the brushes which look like eyeshadow brushes but they are big, and the volume is more than the previous ones. Compact powder brushes are for applying compact powder on your skin. If you try to do makeup with one of this makeup accessories as an alternative to the actual one required then your make up will get destroyed. As eyeliner brush cannot fulfill the purpose of mascara like eyeshadow, brushes cannot be the alternative of blushers or compact brush. You also need beauty blender to blend your make up beautifully so that your skin looks fresh and beautiful. A powder puff cannot do the work efficiently as the beauty blender. So you have to use the required ones for specific makeup items.

You want to buy all sets of makeup accessories. But you do not know where to find them? You can look for them in the cosmetics centers of your locality. You can find them also in the big malls and super shops. But you do not have that much budget for the products of superstores requires a high price. Want to buy good quality from your budget?

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