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Pran Chili Powder (মরিচ গুঁড়া) 200gm

Tk 100 Tk 75
30% Off

PRAN Turmeric Powder 200gm

Tk 90 Tk 63

Chilli powder 200 gm jar & Turmeric powder 200 gm jar Combo

Tk 185

Tandoori Chicken BBQ Masala

Tk 82

Berry Powder 100gm

Tk 95

Grinded Fenugreek (Methi) 100gm

Tk 60

Grinded Three Myrobalan (Trifola) 100gm

Tk 60

Mixed Fruit Chutney 200gm

Tk 115

Mixed Fruit Chutney 400gm

Tk 200

Cumin Powder (জিরা গুঁড়া) 250 gm

Tk 200

Cumin Powder (জিরা গুঁড়া) 100 gm

Tk 90

Coriander Powder (ধনিয়া গুঁড়া) 250 gm

Tk 100

Coriander Powder (ধনিয়া গুঁড়া) 100 gm

Tk 50

Chili Powder (মরিচ গুঁড়া) 500 gm

Tk 250

Chili Powder (মরিচ গুঁড়া) 100 gm

Tk 65

Turmeric Powder (হলুদ গুঁড়া) 500 gm

Tk 170

Turmeric Powder (হলুদ গুঁড়া) 250 gm

Tk 90

Turmeric Powder (হলুদ গুঁড়া) 100 gm

Tk 45

Tamarind Chutney 225gm

Tk 90

Tamarind Chutney 425gm

Tk 160

Black Seed 250gm

Tk 145

Black Seed 100gm

Tk 60

Neem Powder 100gm

Tk 65

Cinnamon (Daruchini) Powder 100gm

Tk 90

Black Pepper (Gol Morich) Powder 100gm

Tk 160

Chirota Powder 100gm

Tk 85

Garam Masala 100gm

Tk 160

Green Harvest Black Cardamom 50gm GRSP1906 (কালো এলাচ)

Tk 80

Green Harvest Cloves 50gm GRSP3208 (লবঙ্গ)

Tk 85

Green Harvest Irani Cumin 100gm GRSP3201 (ইরানি জিরা)

Tk 75

Green Harvest Black Pepper 50gm GRSP1902 (গোলমরিচ)

Tk 60

PRAN Meat Masala 20gm

Tk 15

PRAN Chicken Masala 20 gm Foil

Tk 15

PRAN Chilli powder 50gm

Tk 28

PRAN Turmeric Powder 50gm

Tk 28

Maggi Chicken Stock 2tablet Oman

Tk 34

PRAN Chili Powder jar (মরিচ গুঁড়া) 200gm

Tk 95

PRAN Cuminseed Powder jar (জিরা গুঁড়া) 200gm

Tk 195

Green Food Cardamom Powder ( এলাচি গুঁড়া ) 25gm

Tk 114

Green Food White Pepper Powder ( সাদা গোলমরিচ গুঁড়া ) 50gm

Tk 130

Green Food Cloves Powder 25gm ( লবঙ্গ গুঁড়া )

Tk 95

Green Food Black Pepper Powder ( কালো গোলমরিচ গুঁড়া ) 50gm

Tk 110

Green Food Yeast 50gm

Tk 54

Green Food Paprika Powder 20gm

Tk 110

Green Food Cinnamon Powder ( দারূচিনি গুঁড়া ) 50gm

Tk 70

Green Food Nutmeg Powder ( জায়ফল গুঁড়া ) 25gm

Tk 80

Green Food Mixed Masala Powder 40gm

Tk 76

Green Food China Grass 10gm

Tk 50


Who doesn't know about spice living in Asian-India continent? Asia and India Continent is mainly known for their different types of spices as the people use them in cooking foods. These spices are commonly known as "Masala." Though European countries have no trend of using heavy spices in food items, in our continent a food item would be called uneatable if that item doesn't have a spicy flavor. In our country, we use some spices to make our foods so tasty that by smelling them your mouth starts watering. Proper use of spice ingredients makes your food appalling to your taste buds.

Some spices are used to make food heavily spicy, and some are used to make the flavor light. But all the spices function in general to enhance the taste of the food item. Some spices should be used in a large quantity and others will be less in number to make the taste perfect. Common spices of our country are chilies, turmeric, garlic, ginger, onion, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, cumin seed, white & black peppers, Garam-masala, cloves, almonds, cashew nuts, etc. Most of these items are used to make different curries, and some are used in green salad and lastly are used to make desserts. Even some of them have only the use of decorating food items to increase the beauty and seasonings.

Women usually use them directly in the food item or the paste of these or the powder of these. You can grow them fresh and add to your food by grinding them. But it takes a long time so nowadays homemakers prefer powder or ready-mix over the natural ones. Powders of cardamom, cinnamon, black peppers, white peppers, cumin seeds, chilies are made after drying and crushing them. Young women are smart enough to put them in blender machine to make the powder/paste. Another portion goes a paste by adding a perfect amount of water to the powder which comes ready in a packet.

So, how do you get these spices and the powder/ready mix?

It is obvious that you will find them available in grocery shops of market nearby your locality. You also can find them in the super shops. If you want, you can grow them. But it will take a long time and extra care to give you your expected result. Who goes through all the trouble? The easiest solution will be buying spice online as you don't have to go to groceries becoming confused about taking which brand/company to get the high quality.

The best option would be shopping zone online Othoba.com ensuring the quality, quantity and natural effectiveness. You'll find them clean and exactly as you expected. So, what are you waiting for? Grab them from Othoba.com.