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Bakery Snacks

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BBQ Chicken Pizza 8’’

Tk 200 Tk 150
86Tk Off

Grilled Chicken With Fried Rice And Grilled Vegetable

Tk 285 Tk 199
70Tk Off

Tasty Treat Plus Special Combo

Tk 320 Tk 250

Chicken Momo Combo 6pcs

Tk 99

Mexican Club Burger

Tk 110

Chicken Momo & BBQ Sauce

Tk 120

Chicken Burger & French Fries

Tk 200

Rice Pack

Tk 200

Chowmein Pack

Tk 200

Beef Burger with French Fries

Tk 230

Beef And Becon Cheese Delight Burger

Tk 380

Chicken and Becon Cheese Delight Burger

Tk 350

Mini Pizza 110gm ±

Tk 65

Chicken Patties 60gm ±

Tk 45
21Tk Off

Baked Pasta 250gm

Tk 120 Tk 99
11Tk Off

Mexican Shawarma

Tk 110 Tk 99
11Tk Off

Italian Slice Pizza

Tk 70 Tk 59

Mexican Sub Sandwich

Tk 140

PRAN All Time Cream Roll 35gm

Tk 70

Chicken Patty Burger 175 gm +-

Tk 100

Russian Chicken Bread 180gm ±

Tk 120

Opera Pastry -120gm ±

Tk 120

Mithai Chicken baguette Sandwich 220 gm

Tk 120

Mithai Italian Panini Sandwich 240gm+-

Tk 120

Mithai Chicken Loaf 165 gm +-

Tk 80

Mithai Chicken Nan 150gm +-

Tk 70

Mithai Lunch

Tk 130

Nakshi Pitha Per Pc

Tk 35

Malpowa Pitha Per Pc

Tk 30

Vegetable Singara

Tk 20

Marine Sandwich 150gm+-

Tk 90

Cold Chicken Sandwich 150gm+-

Tk 90

Chicken Naan

Tk 70

Special Plain Nun Per pcs

Tk 30

Special Garlic Nun Per pcs

Tk 35

Chicken Tandori Per pcs

Tk 75

Chicken Shashlik Per pcs

Tk 30

Chicken Loly Pop Per pcs

Tk 30

Beef Boti Kabab Per pcs

Tk 100

Regular French Fries

Tk 70

Hot Masala French Fries

Tk 90

Chicken Cheese Burger with Honey Mustard Sauce

Tk 170

Chicken Burger

Tk 130

T-Bone Steak Grilled Vegetable & Mashed Potato

Tk 950

Masala Wedges

Tk 90

Beef Rib Eye Steak With Grilled Vegetable & Mashed Potato

Tk 900

Beef Sirloin Steak Grilled Vegetable & Mashed Potato

Tk 850

French Fries

Tk 130

Bakery Snacks

What do we learn by this term "Bakery Snacks"? It can be said that bakery snacks are those snacks items that are prepared in the bakery through the process of baking. These snack items are very much favorite among the people of all ages all over the world. They are easily baked in the oven and can be eaten anywhere as you can have them parceled. Also, another advantage of these items is that they are transportable to one place to another if you have appropriately packed them.

People love enjoying bakery snacks, not for afternoon snacks, some even have them as their breakfast and dinner items. In western countries, these items are eaten as their primary food also especially in Mexico especially when it comes to burger, hot dogs and rolls with fries. In our country, all these items have gained popularity among the youngsters and children. They are recently crazy for these bakery snacks. You can also make them at home by using different ingredients such as flour, eggs, oil, sugar, salt, milk, yeast, loaves of bread, coconuts, chickens, sauces, cucumber, onion, chilies and other spices necessary.

Bakery snacks include chicken patties, chicken chili rolls, chicken sandwich, chicken puffs, coconut puffs, shield puffs, chicken burgers, hot dogs, mini pizzas, pizza buns, honeycomb, sausage rolls. You can make patties, sandwiches by making the fill with chicken and another spice. You also can make sausage rolls by using sausages and making the dough with flour, eggs, oil, and salt. The sandwich is very light and healthy as it contains chicken, cucumber, tomato, and mayonnaise. You can give them to your children, parents and a senior as it is not heavy. You and your family want to have something crispy and crunchy. You can have crispy chicken patties and delicious chicken puffs with a crispy top. You want soft and sweet for snacks. Well, grab a honeycomb in your hand and enjoy the soft, sweet layers of it. Do you want something spicy with meat? Very well, have a sausage roll to satisfy your hunger and taste buds.

Buy bakery snacks from Othoba.com

Your children and family members will be delighted to have them made by your hands. But if you are a working housewife then it will be difficult for you to make them at home. Since you have less time in your hand, so from where you can get all these tasty and fresh bakery snacks? You can buy them from local bakeries in your locality where these items are available. You can go to fast food corners nearby your house or take them parcel from any fast food van/restaurant. But why are we asking to buy from Bangladeshi online shop Othoba.com? We are offering you all these items at a reasonable rate with the assurance of freshness and good tasty quality. There are no stale ingredients in the items provided by Othoba.com. So buy from here and enjoy delicious snacks.