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Baby Food

After coming to earth from mother's womb, the only food for the babies is the "shall milk" of their mothers. Mothers keep on breastfeeding them for continuously six months. Mother's milk is the only food is this time. But after six months babies need other kinds of foods for their growth, mental health, and strength. Again, sometimes some babies do not get enough milk they need from their mothers as it is said that the milk in their breasts has dried. So for all these reasons babies need other complementary and supplementary foods.

After six months you should start giving your babies cow milk. But cow milk is not very helpful for digestion system of babies. So, different branded baby powder milk is on the market. This milk contains necessary protein, iron, vitamins, zinc, calcium elements which are very helpful for their health and growth. Besides, you can feed them with baby cereals which are commonly known as "cereals" for babies. This cereal can be of different food grains and items, and they also vary in flavour. If you want to give them milk and fruits together, you can choose apple and cherry, milk and banana, etc. You want to feed your baby step by step with ideal foods like khichuri, and then definitely you can select mixed khichuri cereals for your baby. Up to age two, three, four, five you can keep feeding these baby foods continuously to help them become stronger and sharper in the brain.

But all of these cereals and powder milk are not hygienic and suitable for your baby. You should use branded foods for your babies which are worldwide recognized. Otherwise, it may cause the problem for their digestion system and result in diarrhoea, cholera, and dysentery, etc. stomach troubles. Some famous brands are Nestle, Cow, and Gate, PediaSure, etc. You can find all these items available at your nearby groceries and super shops. The question is will the day be up to date. It means what if they are expired products. What if they are selling duplicates, not the original one? You need a very reliable source because it is for your baby, the most delicate and sensitive creature in the universe.

So which source will it be?

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