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A calculator is an electronic device that can perform many mathematical problems. There are many types of calculators. Some of them are basic calculators and can show the plus, minus, dividing, multiplying function, sometimes these basic calculators have memory and functions signed as M+ and M-. By using these features, you can save your calculation results. Digit and size distinguish a basic calculator. There are eight digits, ten digits, 12 digits calculators available in Bangladesh. These sizes may be big for business use, medium for personal use and small for pocket use. There are other types of calculator that are known as a scientific calculator. These calculators can perform much scientific mathematics. The computer is also a kind of calculator. In can perform millions of mathematical problems within a few seconds.

A calculator is an essential device for students, teachers, bankers, business people and many other classes of people. A student depends on a calculator for solving his academic mathematical problems. A banker uses a calculator to check his accounts. A businessman also does the same thing. Calculators are used for household accounts. Though the mobile phones have calculators on it, the appeal for an actual calculator has not decreased.

Buying a genuine Calculator in Bangladesh

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