Mineral Water

Water is called "life." We cannot live a single day without drinking water. It is essential for our day to day life activities. To remain healthy and fit you have to drink at least three/four liters of water in twenty-four hours. The majority of our body contains 70% water. Water is the prime element of our blood running through in our veins. Water is also included in our daily essential food items. But you have to be careful about drinking clean and pure water because it can be contaminated and causes you waterborne severe diseases like diarrhea, cholera, jaundice, typhoid, arsenic, etc.

Bangladesh is a land of water. So water is available as it is also a reverie country. We have many ponds, lakes, and rivers. But water from all these sources is not pure, safe and drinkable. The safest source of water is tube-well. You can have fresh tube-well water. But arsenic can be found in tube-well water also. The tube-wells which are arsenic free are marked with green color. It means you can drink water from there and it is safe. Tube-wells which contain arsenic are marked as red meaning it is dangerous to drink water from that tube-well. You can drink water supplied from WASA and also filtered water.

You can drink mineral waters from branded groups/companies available in the market. It is the safest option nowadays in big cities where tube-wells are not available or other safe sources in the locality. Mineral Water contains chlorine, mineral salt and other useful and healthy substance. It is iron free which means the water includes no presence of Ferus or Ferric iron. You should plenty of water because it helps to reduce your body temperature and makes you cool from inside. By drinking a certain quantity of water, you can keep the blood circulation of your body okay. Lack of drinking water causes kidney failure which is a fatal disease. So if you want to stay cool, young and away from kidney damage, drink the amount of water that is regularly needed.

As mineral water is the safest in cities, where can you find them and buy from where?

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