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Selfie Stick

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Mobile Selfie 16 LED Flash Light

Tk 135 Tk 130

Honor Wired Selfie Stick Black

Tk 1000

ROT0770 3.5mm Extendable Monopod Selfie Stick with LED Light

Tk 2192 Tk 1424

Universal Clip On Lens and Selfie Stick and LED Flash Light Combo

Tk 750 Tk 399

Kemei KM-680A Rechargeable 8 in 1 Trimmer And Selfie Stick Combo

Tk 2800 Tk 1399

Kemei KM-590A Rechargeable 7 in 1 Trimmer And Selfie Stick Combo

Tk 2700 Tk 1299

Kemei KM-580A Rechargeable 7 in 1 Trimmer And Selfie Stick Combo

Tk 2700 Tk 1299

VR BOX 3D Headset + Ring Stand + USB Fan + Selfie Stick and LED Flash Light Combo By Hi-Tech BD

Tk 900 Tk 750

Bluetooth Selfie Stick By Source Point

Tk 675

Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Tk 500

Selfie Stick Monopod

Tk 470

Selfie Monopod Stick

Tk 450

Locust Monopod Portable Pocket Selfie Stick Black

Tk 340

Monopod Selfie Stick By AKC

Tk 250 Tk 180

Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are one of the fastest growing trends in the world. Selfie stick is mobile equipment used in the selfie photograph by positioning the smartphone out of the normal range of hands. The metal or plastic sticks are usually a stick where a person can attach his/ her phone and then using its wire and switch can take a full angle as well as close shot all of them. Selfie stick is a useful tool for photographers of all stripes.

Why would you have to own a selfie stick?

Thanks to recent technology, we can take selfies whenever and wherever by a simple flip of the camera and click on a picture. Now that's a beautiful thing. You would be lying to everyone, including yourself if you said that you had NEVER taken at least one selfie before. BUT WAIT! The game of the selfie has been forever changed, and it's all because of the Selfie Stick. Life is somewhat unimaginable without this simple little stick. With the help of this simple little stick, you can take photos of yours and also of your friends. Instead of interrupting strangers and requesting them to click your photos, you can now use a selfie stick. Moreover, Selfie sticks usually very light, and it is very quickly adapted to any phone. Love them or hate them, you must need them.

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Selfie is not regarded as selfish now because now people take selfies everywhere. Especially when they are with friends and family they take group selfies they are becoming trendy nowadays. To take a group selfie or groupie, we cannot help taking the help of a selfie stick. It helps us to take wide angle pictures.