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Who likes cookies most? Yes, you are right. Kids love cookies so much. They can eat cookies as far as they want. Sometimes they are not satisfied enough after eating a heart full of cookies. Well, cookies mean actually what? Cookies are called those food items which are cooked or baked in an oven at factories or home. In general, we mean biscuits and toasts as cookies. Children love cookies as far we know, but this does not say that the grownups do not like eating cookies. They enjoy eating them as much as children.

Cookies are the most common items in afternoon snacks. Some eat cookies like crazy whenever they want and wish. Cookies are also eaten as morning snacks. Some have only two slices of toasts with a cup of milk, tea or coffee in the morning. Students and people who are going through diet controlling especially follow this routine. But the diet controllers take normal bread toast with green tea to lose weight. We welcome our neighbors and guests with cookies when they come to our home for visiting or gossiping. A gathering becomes more lively and enjoyable with the crunchy, yummy cookies. Either you can buy cookies from a market, or you can bake them at home.

To make cookies, you need flour, a little bit of salt, milk, eggs, sugar, yeast, etc. You take a dip bowl and mix them with an egg beater. When the batter or dough is ready and thick enough, brush some oil on the baking tray and put the cookies on it. Now set the oven at the suitable heat and temperature for some minutes. Finally, your cookies will be ready. You can add chocolates, dry fruits, cream, and peanuts in them to make them more healthy and perfect for your little ones.

But this is a very long-term process, and you won't have time for going through all this procedure. So you want to buy ready made top quality cookies. Where will you find them? You can buy at wholesale from the local bakeries of your neighborhood. You will also find them in departmental stores and groceries. You go to mega shops or super shops, various types of cookies will be there. But buying from, an online shop bd will ensure you the quality and healthiness. This online shop has different types of cookies including cream, chocolate, milk and toast biscuits. So why not try to buy cookies online from