Hardware tools have a great significance in our daily life. We often need to repair our household hardware or furniture at home. And when it comes to repairing activities, a hammer is a must. Because it is one of the most used hardware tools in our regular repairing activities. For being a hand tool, it is easy to use. We can use it to fit different parts, to drive nails or to forge metals when needed. Having hardware tool like hammers means we can fix small hardware problems of our house at our own. But because of not keeping it at home, we often need to pay the mechanic a lot to do these little jobs. So if you are not willing to increase your cost for small household repairing activities, then you should keep it at your house with the other repairing tools.  

According to application and types of use, hammers of different size, shape, and structure are available in the market. Ball pein hammer is the most used of them all. It can be used for both metal-working as well as for wooden work. If you are going to buy it, then you must buy it from Othoba.com, the largest online marketplace in Bangladesh.

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