The first thing that comes to our mind by listening to the word "Teddy-Bear" is that teddy-bear is a toy for children. Children love, adore them so much & sometimes go crazy to have them as their playmate. It is a bear or panda-like toy item. It is made of soft wool, cotton & smooth fur. In the USA, almost every child has a teddy-bear of their own. Teddy bear as a toy for children has become trendy. It is seen mainly in cities that children are interested in a teddy bear.

If you ask them what gift they want for any success or special occasion like their birthdays, they'll ask for "teddies" without any hesitation. Not only children but now grown-ups are also interested in this adorable toy item. Especially among the teenage girls & women, it is seen a recent craze for having teddy-bears. Some love to collect various type of teddies in their collection & some use this item for home decoration.

Teddy-bear has now become a perfect item for a gift to give children and women for various reasons. They are the cute, lovely gift for baby-shower, to newborn baby watching occasions, birthday occasion of children. If your school going boy/girl have made a significant success in his/her result of school, you can gift them a teddy-bear and watch how happy they become. Children sometimes become so intimate with teddy-bear that teddies become their best friends or brother/sisters or a family member for them. Teddies are the cutest toy with always a smiling face to everyone. Well, if your newly-married wife is angry, you can buy a teddy-bear for her & it'll make her anger go away in a minute.

You can surprise your girlfriend & boyfriend by surprising them with a big-size teddy bear in special occasions. Hence teddies have become a cute, lovely, adorable, perfect gift item for a New Year, Christmas, birthdays, valentine's days, anniversaries. By decorating your kid's room with teddy, you can make their joy knows no bound. You can keep them in your living room to decorate the room cutely; even teddies can enhance the beauty of your drawing room.

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