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Canton Noodle 62gm 10pcs Masala

Tk 165 Tk 150

PRAN Noodles 10pcs classic Masala 620gm

Tk 165

Mr. Noodles Happy Monthly Pack (24 Pcs)

Tk 405

Mr. Noodles Cup Noodles Magic Masala 40gm

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Mr. Noodles 16pcs Family Pack Magic Masala Flavor

Tk 260

PRAN Mr. Noodles 14pcs Box Magic Masala

Tk 260

Mr.Noodles Magic Masala 40gm x 28pcs

Tk 425

Mr. Noodles Shahi Masala 8pcs

Tk 135

Mr. Noodles Cup Noodles Magic Masala 40gm

Tk 30

Mr. Noodles Egg Noodles Masala Flavor

Tk 20

Mr. Noodles 8pcs Chicken

Tk 135

Mr. Noodles 8pcs New

Tk 135

Mr. Noodles 5pcs Magic Masala

Tk 85

Mr. Noodles 12 pcs Family Pack Masala 62gm x 12pcs

Tk 200

PRAN Noodles Classic Masala 8 Packs

Tk 135

Mr. Noodles 60gm Magic Masala (Bowl)

Tk 40

Santa Sophia La Pasta Rotini 500gm

Tk 140

Santa Sophia La Pasta Penne Rigate 500gm

Tk 140

Mr. Noodles 4 pcs family pack 62gm x 4pcs

Tk 75

Kolson Macaroni Assorted Box 300gm

Tk 55

Kolson Macaroni Screw 200gm

Tk 35

Kolson Macaroni Screw 400gm

Tk 65

Bashundhara Panda Authentic chinese Noodles 300g

Tk 35

Cocola Super Egg & Chicken Noodles 500gm

Tk 50

Cocola Chicken Masala Noodles 180gm

Tk 20

Bashundhara Tube Pasta 500gm

Tk 80

Bombay Mr.Pasta Tangy Tomato 248gm

Tk 80

Bombay Mr.Pasta Tangy Tomato 62gm

Tk 22

Bombay Mr.Pasta Chili Chicken 248gm

Tk 80

Bombay Mr.Pasta Chili Chicken 62gm

Tk 22

Arbella Pasta Shell 500gm

Tk 125

Arbella Pasta Penne Rigate 500gm

Tk 140

Arbella Pasta Fusille 500gm

Tk 140

Arbella Pasta Elbow 500gm

Tk 140

You come home after a long, exhaustive day in the end & entering back some appalling yummy smell catch your attention. You become excited, all your tiredness is gone & what you see on the table? A bowl is full of noodles or macaroni waiting for you to welcome you home very cordially after the hectic day. These items of food are trendy among people of all walks recently. Children, boys, girls, men and women, old persons all love noodles so much. Macaroni also begins catching attention. Noodles and Macaroni are mainly Italian food which becomes famous in our country through different Chinese, Thai and Italian restaurants.

Children love noodles most. They don't want to eat vegetables and substantial food in their Tiffin. They want spicy; they want yummy something for their Tiffin’s and also as refreshment in the afternoon/evening. Mums usually worry what to give them for their Tiffin and snack which will be a little bit heavy so that they don't feel hungry after a few moments of eating and also the item which will be equally healthy & nutritious. Why worry so much? You can give noodles or macaroni to them. Both these things ensure their nutrition and good health. Noodles and macaroni work as the alternative of "Rice". Children become so happy when they open the lid of their Tiffin boxes and find macaroni or noodles theirs. Sometimes you feel bored by eating rice three times on a day after day routine.

You can cook noodles or macaroni for dinner and enjoy them with the whole family. It will change your mood and bring back your appetite. They are also very easy to cook. You can add eggs, prawns, vegetables, chickens with them and thus they'll be a healthy food item with a complete package of nutrition as it will provide carbohydrate from noodles/macaroni, protein from eggs, chickens or prawns. Also, it will have vitamins and minerals in the item, provided by vegetables. If guests come home and you've nothing else to give them in a brief time then just cook noodles and entertain them as it takes a short time to be ready.

You can make them at your home by using flour, eggs, salt and oil but it takes a long time and also is a very complicated task. You can buy different types of packet noodles in your nearby shops or the local market. But what the problem is that that product can be date-expired or very low in quality as nowadays local market is flooded with duplicate types. If you want to buy first quality and the originals of branded companies, please look into Othoba.com, the best Bangladeshi online store. We are offering an extensive collection of different types of noodles which come with different flavours. Stay with Othoba.com and lead a healthy and happy life with quality noodles and macaroni.