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Kaka-813-1 Multi Functional Travel Backpack

Tk 3750 Tk 3412
7% Off

Bange BG-1922 15.6″ Laptop Multi Functional Backpack

Tk 2300 Tk 2139
12% Off

Bange BG-22188 15.6 Inch Waterproof Backpack

Tk 3200 Tk 2816
14% Off

Bange BG-22039 Men Large Capacity Shoulders Backpack

Tk 3900 Tk 3354
15% Off

Bange 7238 Anti Theft Backpack

Tk 4050 Tk 3442
12% Off

BANGE Travel Backpack

Tk 3750 Tk 3300
7% Off

Tangcool TC-907 Shoulder Bag Blue

Tk 2000 Tk 1860
10% Off

KAKA Camouflage 15.6" Laptop Backpack For Men

Tk 2200 Tk 1980
13% Off

Tangcool Tc706 Backpack Dark Gray

Tk 2650 Tk 2306
12% Off

Evton EV-2732L Fashion Backpack

Tk 2400 Tk 2112
14% Off

Evton EV-602L Mas Messenger Bag

Tk 1450 Tk 1247
24% Off

KAKA-2188 New Backpack Black

Tk 2500 Tk 1900
11% Off

Unisex Bange 2215-9 Stylish Backpack

Tk 3100 Tk 2759
10% Off

Unisex Tangcool TC728 Stylish Backpack

Tk 2600 Tk 2340
10% Off

Unisex Bange BG-G65 Stylish Backpack

Tk 4350 Tk 3915
4% Off

Men's Bange 1901 Travel Backpack

Tk 2900 Tk 2784
10% Off

Men's Kaka 2215D Stylish Backpack

Tk 2900 Tk 2610
12% Off

Men's Kaka-807 Stylish Backpack

Tk 3300 Tk 2904
8% Off

Bange BG-1920 Backpack

Tk 800 Tk 736
11% Off

Men's Kaka 2248 Stylish Backpack

Tk 2600 Tk 2314
10% Off

Men's Kaka 851 Stylish Backpack

Tk 1950 Tk 1755
10% Off

Men's Stylish Backpack Navy Blue

Tk 2945 Tk 2651
10% Off

Men's Stylish Backpack Navy Blue

Tk 2945 Tk 2651
10% Off

Men's Stylish Backpack Navy Blue

Tk 2500 Tk 2250
10% Off

Men's Stylish Backpack Black

Tk 2945 Tk 2651
30% Off

Baseus Folding Series 16" Laptop Sleeve (LBZD-B0G) Dark Grey

Tk 1245 Tk 871
27% Off

Baseus Folding Series 13" Laptop / Tablet Sleeve (LBZD-A0G) Dark Grey

Tk 1100 Tk 803

Men's Stylish Backpack LX031 B

Call 09613-800 800 for price

North Star Foldable Backpack for Men

Call 09613-800 800 for price

Men's Stylish Backpack LX044

Tk 250

Laptop Back pack Blue

Tk 1490

Men’s Stylish Laptop Backpack LX031 (B) Cyan

Tk 499

Men’s Stylish Laptop Backpack LX031 (B) Ash

Tk 499

BANGE BG-77202 Men's Fashion Chest Bag

Tk 2200

Stylish Shoulder Bag Indigo

Tk 650

Stylish Shoulder Bag Indigo

Tk 690

Men's Stylish Cloth Bag

Tk 1190

Men's Stylish Bag Mixed

Tk 390

Men's Stylish Bag Blue

Tk 390

Men's Stylish Bag

Tk 390

Walkar Mens Backpack Green

Tk 890

Walkar Mens Backpack Red

Tk 890

Unisex Cross Body Fashionable Backpack Version 2.0

Tk 380


Backpacks are popular among men for a long time. They use it for many purposes. It is a larger size bag than a handbag along with two strips that allow someone to carry it with a heavyweight. People can carry a load of things in a backpack. Travelers use it for carrying goods for traveling like clothes, first aid box, maps, etc. Students use it for taking books, pencils, pens, rubbers, sharpeners, geometry box, etc. Officers often use it to carry their laptop, tab, papers and necessary equipment. As it is heavier and more spacious than a handbag, it is more suitable for carrying heavy loads.

Backpacks have become a fashion thing for men nowadays. It is popular from the school going boys to a corporate level officer. The invention of various models has made it a trendy fashion among men. It is being used for centuries and years after years, its quality has increased tremendously. With its upgraded look and facility it has maintained its sustainability. Still, it is being used by men without losing the most uncomplicated appeal as it was used before.  It is very easy to use also as you have to use your shoulder and back to carry it. Our shoulder and back can carry more loads because of its strength. So, many people prefer backpacks than handbags.

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Backpacks are popular among people not only because of its usefulness but also for its stylish look. Companies around the world are always trying to produce latest models of the backpack of high quality. They are keeping an open, innovative mind for producing backpacks. You can find a huge collection of backpack here on the best online shopping websites Othoba.com. While buying it, first of all, go for your taste. Buy that one which interests you most. You can choose the perfect color among the available red, orange, blue by filtering them according to color.

Branded products are always popular and trusted by people. So, you may buy branded products too. We have American Tourister, AR Kings, Walkar, Xiaomi branded backpacks available here. As you see, there are many listed sellers here. You can buy backpacks online for men and women at here. They sometimes offer many discounts. Online shopping is an easy and amusing thing. Shopping is very comfortable and very satisfied if you shop from an authentic site. Being a biggest online backpack shopping in Bangladesh, Othoba.com has gained massive popularity among the Bangladeshi people due to its high-quality products and excellent service. Buy backpack from here without delay.